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Tweegram: Inject 140 Character Messages Into Your Instagram Timeline

Many Twitter users will add a photo to their Instagram account and then Tweet about that photo to friends so they can check out their timeline, however a new program now allows users to send “Tweet type messages” directly to a users Instagram account, creating a “word by word” addition to the Instagram photo sharing […]

[How To] Embed Videos From Facebook

Including an embedded video from YouTube or other services like Vimeo is usually dead simple on your website, a blog or a messageboard. In the Facebook era, however, a lot of content is shared and uploaded solely to that site. But did you know you can embed a Facebook video on your site or blog, […] Brings Social Buying To Digital Products

Online gaming, digital books (e-books) and other online services have grown exponentially over the last several years, creating a virtual goods market that is estimated to bring in $318 million by 2015 and company plans to capitalize on that market by offering discounts on virtual goods, much in the same way Groupon offers real […]

[Case Study] Anthony Weiner, Andrew Breitbart and the Politics of Twitter-Hacks

Rep. Anthony Weiner, probably the most powerful rising star of the Democratic Party at this point, should not have been surprised to find himself the target of Andrew Breitbart’s truth-distorting poison pen- indeed, it’s only shocking it took Breitbart this long to drum something up. Breitbart, who owns and operates a conservative blogging collective, is […]