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BBB Encourages Facebook for Customer Interaction

The Better Business Bureau is kind of what people used before they could run to Facebook, Yelp and Twitter to share the good and bad experiences they’d had with certain businesses. The agency’s letter ratings and customer feedback served as a kind of Google Maps Reviews of the past, warning potential customers of a shady […]

German Teenager Accidentally Invites 15,000 Facebook Users To Birthday Party

When you accidentally invite 15,000 Facebook users to your 16th birthday party you probably worry and when 1,500 actually show up it’s still not the best of circumstances, but that’s exactly what happened to a girl in Germany. Users of Facebook quickly received word of the party which was happening at the girls grandparents “undisclosed […]

Rapper “The Game” Has Twitter Account Hacked, Slang Tossed Around

Rapper “The Game” watched as his Twitter account was hacked this weekend and messages about his sexuality and other rappers were spewed from his account. During the hack messages pertaining to Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg were all posted and even Game himself was attacked. One tweet read: “im gay as hell,” and […]