Blurtl: Send Recorded Messages To Your Facebook Wall

Australian telecom company Telstra has come up with a Facebook Application that is quite possibly my newest momentary favorite feature on the social network sites radar. Called Blurtl the application allows users to create 30 second voice clips with their mobile phone which can then be posted to their personal Facebook walls. Created by DDB […]

Vodafone Invents Giant Device Charging Truck for Festivals

One of the more prevalent worries a smartphone user faces is the “20% Battery Remaining” warning that pops up when your device is getting ready to lame out on you. Basically, from the minute you think about leaving your house, the calculations begin about how much juice you can spare to text a friend, find […]

Contapps For Android: A More Robust Social Contact List

If you’re using the included Android Contacts app with your Smartphone you may have already integrated your Facebook status updates with your contact information, unfortunately the program doesn’t currently allow for Twitter access or integration with other third party social networks and that’s where Contapps comes into play. Using this new social integration program users […]