Siri is Dank and Full of Game of Thrones Punnage

Siri has not only turned more sassy over time, but is now also more pop-culture savvy. From firing back zingers when asked to do impossible math problems, Apple’s personal assistant voice phone feature has recently been discovered to have some rather quirky answers about what Jon Snow knows. Turn out she does know more than what […]

Is SnapChat Actually Safer than SkyECC (And Why)?

The concern for security has been creeping under our noses for some time now. As people get more comfortable with using technology, the threat of our sensitive information being compromised gets bigger. In fact, people are already sharing personal information such as interests, phone numbers, location, and employment indifferently in social networks like Facebook, Google+, […]

How to 101: Recover and Repair a water damaged iPhone

While mobile phones are costly and prized possessions, this does not stop us from occasionally damaging or dropping these through our own carelessness. via GIPHY This phenomenon has recently explored by the fascinating Mobile Phones Direct ‘Phone Crash’ resource on the Mobile Phones direct blog, which provides live updates on how many handsets have been […]

Apple Refuses to Unlock San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone

Taking a stand for privacy rights, Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated he will not be cooperating with a magistrate’s order to hack an iPhone which belonged to one of the San Bernardino shooters. In a letter, Cook called the court’s demand “chilling” and argued that teaching law enforcement how to break into a locked iPhone […]

An Emoji is Oxford’s Word of the Year

Love them or hate them, those little Japanese emoticons known as “emoji” are here to stay. At least for now. They’re so popular, Oxford Dictionaries decided to make one of them their word of the year. The lucky winner turns out to be the “tears of joy” face, which Oxford believes to be “the ‘word’ that best […]

Instagram Launches Gif-Making App Called ‘Boomerang’

If you’re like me, you’ve often wondered why .gif files haven’t enjoyed the same treatment as other audio/visual formats have. While videos and sound files can be easily created with built-in smartphone features and third party apps, there exists little room in the world of social media for the creation and sharing of .gifs (pronounced […]