Meet Our Team

 Remy Carreiro

Remy Carreiro is a freelance writer, artist, and musician who genuinely enjoys dropping the 4-1-1 on the masses. He has written for many popular sites on the web (ten dozen or so) and has worked closely with Warner Bros as well as Adult Swim, and the next tier on his success ladder is to be the last writer left alive who refuses to write clickbait.


 Meagan Freeman

Meagan Freeman is a freelance writer with a passion for telling stories and entertaining people. She has worked in all aspects of media, from television and radio to print and blogging. After 10 years of newsrooms and deadlines, she decided to leave the professional journalism world to build a freelance career and raise her two kids (three, if you count her husband.) As a contributing writer for Social News Daily, Meagan gets to combine her two obsessions: writing and social media. Do you have a story idea? Send it her way at [email protected].

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