This Artwork Was Rejected by the Royal Academy – Until They Realised it was a Banksy

This week the Royal Academy of Art’s yearly summer exhibition opens in London. Led by iconic British artist Grayson Perry, this year’s selection panel had over 20,000 artworks to choose from, with only 827 making it into the prestigious show. That means literally thousands of artists had their paintings and sculptures refused, but we’re sure […]

Popular Twitter Hacks That Will Surely Make You Laugh

It cannot be denied that hackers have become more intelligent. With their improved hacking skills, these cyber criminals are now capable of penetrating websites and social media accounts of large corporations and even celebrities. A 2016 study conducted by the Pew Research Center to look into the cybersecurity habits and attitudes of adults found that […]

Are Mexican Restaurants Banning Donald Trump Supporters?

Several posts which appear to show anti-Donald Trump signage on Mexican restaurants have begun circulating on Facebook. One of the signs, posted on a Taco Cabana in San Antonio, Texas, says the taco chain will no longer be serving “people who display support for the views of the presidential candidate Donald Trump.” It also says […]

Hey Cat Lovers, Did You Fall For This Recent Facebook Hoax?

We all have those Facebook friends that fall for every hoax story that they find on their feed. And of course each week, tons of new hoaxes appear to fuel the naive flames. This week cat lovers got their panties in a bundle over a warning that a popular cat treat could possible kill your […]

Check Out Snopes’ List of the Most Popular Urban Legends of 2015

What would we do without Snopes? Founders Barbara and David Mikkelson are so thorough and unbiased in their fact-checking that folklorist Jan Harold Brunvand, considered by many to be one of the top experts in his field, once told National Review he wouldn’t start his own fact-checking website because “they have it all there,” he added: “I will just […]