Taylor Swift Sex Tape Is A Facebook Hoax, Delivers Malware

The Taylor Swift sex tape showing up in your Facebook feed is a hoax. The message started showing up in users feeds on Thursday and it immediately had the trappings of a traditional Facebook scam. The message being delivered to Facebook feeds currently reads: Taylor Swift’s iPhone Hacked – Sex Tape LEAKED! The famous singer […]

Inspiring Deaf Quadriplegic David Rose Is A Hoax, Reports Say He Never Existed

Since last Thursday, Twitter was a-viral with the final inspiring words of David Rose, also known by his Twitter nickname “Dave on Wheels.” The deaf quadriplegic man with cerebral palsy was an inspiration for thousands who followed him online before his tragic death. But the real tragedy here is not that Dave on Wheels died, […]

Facebook Hoax Claims Users Must Now Pay For Membership

Facebook users around the world are being hit with a new scam that claims the social network is turning into a pay for use service. The hoax claims that members can pay for gold, silver and bronze memberships at a cost of $9.99, $6.99 and $3.99. The hoax then says free service can be obtained […]