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Deceased Woman Mistaken For Halloween Decoration

A tragedy occurred in Chillicothe, when Rebecca Cade, 31, lost her life. She was discovered hanging from a chain link fence. Initially, nearby construction workers presumed it was someone playing a prank on them, until later it was learned she was really dead.

Couple Does Maternity Shoot But Wife Goes Into Labor And Gives Horrific Birth

Having a baby is not something that happens every day to a couple. That is why it should be treated like the precious moment it is and captured in a maternity shoot, preferably long before expected labor. However, one couple’s precious maternity shoot turns into a nightmare after the wife suddenly goes into labor during […]

Flat-Earthers Think the Sun is Shrinking and That’s Why We Have Seasons

It may seem hard to believe that in 2018 we’re still debating whether or not the Earth is round, but here we are. Despite plenty of science to the contrary, there are people out there who genuinely think the Earth is flat. Whether they’re convinced that NASA is enacting a mass cover-up of the world’s […]