Top 5 Sword Users in Anime

Best Sword Users in Anime

Anime is all about power. When you see the good guys beat the light out of others with ease, then you feel a certain tingly feeling within you. This feeling is boosted if the actions the character takes is related to a Katana or a Sword. That’s because in our subconscious mind, we still love the sword more than those automatic rifles and magic.

The feeling of seeing someone use a sword in the most proficient way gives us hope. Even if we can’t be super strong or have auto aim while shooting, we can still learn the art of handling a sword. And these sword users from anime help fuel this ambition. Many of them are not the protagonist of the series but their existence is nothing less than one.

There are many legendary sword users in anime. One can’t simply rank them in a list of top five. But even among the innumerable sword wielders, there are a few who have a solid spot in the viewer’s mind. And among them, there are five that stand out the most. Here are the top 5 sword users in anime who will surely blow your mind.

5 Strongest Sword Users in Anime:

5. Nobunaga Hazama from Hunter x Hunter

The story of Hunter x Hunter is one that is filled with superhuman abilities. There are people who can summon lightning and even change destiny. But even among such strong beings, there is one who relies on a Katana. Nobunaga being one of the Phantom Troupe members receives very little love from the viewers. But the fame that he has is mainly because of his sword expertise.

Having an Enhancement type Nen, Nobunaga has higher physical abilities then you average human. But he is still weak compared to the best. That is why he honed his Katana skills to overcome any hurdle. Even the physically strongest Phantom Troupe, Uvogin, was afraid to go against Nobunaga, the ninth strongest, when Nobunaga had a sword.

His swordsmanship was not extraordinary. With his Katana he is able to do what any normal swordsman would be able to do. But what gave him the upper hand was his ability to use Nen. He used his inherent Enhancer traits and increased his swords potential to the extreme with both power and speed.

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4. Mugen from Samurai Champloo

Samurais are supposed to be dignified and honorable. But this is not the case for Mugen. This guy might not be shrewd but he is ruthless. He cares for no one as long as he is the one who is profiting off of it. Taking his natural born talent for sword and combining it with his funky nature, he provides the most versatile sword style of all.

Unlike most Samurai, he has an evasive style of swordsmanship. When receiving an attack he takes it head on but evades at the last moment. And as soon as he evades, he releases a counterattack on the unexpecting opponent. Even a trained Samurai is baffled due to his unorthodox fighting style.

Being a vagabond turned Samurai, he doesn’t care about honor. And this is what enables him to adapt to any situation faster. He is not afraid to combine martial arts with his street hip-hop moves. This allows him to get the upper hand on even the strongest of Samurais.

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3. Dracule Mihawk from One Piece

The world is filled with ridiculously powerful Marines and Pirates. Some of them are literal Gods while some are molten lava. But even in such a world, there is one normal human that everyone is afraid of. It’s none other than Dracule Mihawk aka, Hawkeye Mihawk aka, the Greatest Swordsman in the World.

His mere presence is enough to make the strongest feel fear. Just to give you an idea about his power, he stopped the three sword style that Zoro is so proud of with nothing but a small butter knife size dagger. There is nothing in the world that can’t be cut when Mihawk puts his mind into it. During the War of the Best, he even cut Diamond Jozu to prove this point.

While everyone is busy conquering the seas with their crew, Mihawk is a one man army sailing through the treacherous waters on his small dingy type boat. He is not a samurai with morals or anything. He just sails the seas in hope of finding someone to duel with. With his trusted sword Yoru, he is not afraid to take on any swordsman in the world.

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2. Guts from Berserk

Jumping from one mercenary group to another, Guts only proved his strength. That is until he met Griffith and was defeated. But despite this he is a powerhouse to fear. Even before he had the demon blood fuel his anger, he was a mercenary that everyone avoided.

Despite such power he was not one to flaunt about his strength. Many say that Guts is not a true swordsman. That’s because the reason behind his strength is not sword expertise but his brute physical strength. But that can’t be far from the truth. With his broadsword, Dragon Slayer, Guts gives off the vibes of an executioner more than a Swordsman.

If one has to compare the sword of guts with anything then it would be best to call it a tombstone then a sword. That is because whenever Guts swings his sword, only dead bodies are left behind. But this is not solely because of the sword but also because of Guts own strength. If not so then how else can one explain him taking on an entire platoon!

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1. Nanashi from Sword of the Stranger

A Ronin who has sealed his Katana – this sentence was enough to describe Nanashi. But it all changed when he met Kotaro in an abandoned temple. He ended up saving the kid from the Ming squad. Though Nanashi didn’t want it but this act of selflessness triggered the change in his life.

For the sake of Kotaro, he unsealed his blade and did what he swore to never do again. In this list of too sword users, if we were asked to select the most honorable swordsman, then Nanashi will undoubtedly be the first. He respects the way of the sword and knows how to forgive.

It was this honor bound nature of his that made him seal his sword. Even after trying to avoid a fight he ended up walking the path again. And when he did, he proved that a swordsman doesn’t need to be ridiculously strong to overpower his opponents but needs extraordinary skills.

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