12 Korean Dramas Like My Love from the Star

K-Dramas Like My Love from the Star

My Love from the Star is a South Korean drama which greatly blends the romance and comedy genres. This series was released from December 18, 2013 to February 27, 2014. This series has 21 episodes, and each episode is sixty minutes long. My Love from the Star has a great blend of romance, comedy, and mystery.

This whole series is about an alien that came to earth 400 years ago and couldn’t go back. He has three months before he leaves the planet. He is a professor and has owned a lot of real estate for 40 decades. But also, he is so humble. He didn’t believe in love and couldn’t understand why humans tried so hard all throughout their lives when they all had the same faith in the end, in death.

Check out the list of other K-dramas similar to My Love from the Star, that can make everyone happy and satisfied.

Best Korean Dramas Similar to My Love from the Star :

1. It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020)

It’s a fantastic drama that shows us that being mentally compromised or going through depression is okay. This series has been described as a “healing romance that resembles a storybook fantasy.” The core message of the drama is, “You have to look at people as they are”.

Moon Gang-tae used to live with his older brother, Moon Sang-tae, who has autism. They often move from one town to another ever since Sang-tae saw their mother’s murder. Gang-Tae used to work as a caretaker in a psychiatric ward at each and every place they settled.

This is a fantastic series that is very, very helpful in healing our hearts and describes the truth of life.

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2. The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)

It is a romantic action movie. This movie is inspired by a famous Joseon legend from Korea’s first collection of unofficial historical documents. It is a tale about a fisherman who captures and releases a mermaid.

Shim Chung is a sea-maid or a siren who recognizes herself relocated to early modern times. She was caught by Heo Joon Jae, a pleasant, good-looking, and cold con artist who is a carbon copy of Kim Moon, the son of magnanimous people from the Joseon Dynasty.

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3. W – Two Worlds Apart (2016)

It is a rom-com, fantasy thriller drama. It has a very refreshing new concept, and it never gets repetitive. It is a drama with a good script and a great cast, direction, and cinematography.

In this drama, a beautiful romance takes place between Oh Yeon-Joo (Han Hyo-Joo), who is a surgeon, i.e., a doctor in the real world, and Kang Chul (Lee Jong-Suk), who is very rich and exists in the webtoon “W.”

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4. Healer (2014)

Apart from having good-looking leads, this one has a great and incredible story too. It has romance, comedy, drama, action, and everything in between.

A decades-old situation involving a group of five friends who ran an illegal pro-democracy broadcasting station in South Korea during the 5th Republic brings together three different people: an illegal “night courier” with the codename “Healer” (Ji Chang-wook) with top-notch fighting skills.

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5. Pinocchio (2014)

The overall series involves revenge, wrapped in romance, where the two leads, who dislike each other since childhood but somehow lived together till adulthood. The drama is about young adults stepping into society for the first time and the devastating circumstances by which they become journalists.

One young boy, whose life and family have been destroyed by the new media, gets adopted by a family in a rural area when he is found lost at sea. For everyone’s sake, he tries to keep his past secret for 13 years.

But when the girl he loved in the past entered the world of news reporting, the truth about his family came out. However, the girl’s mother seems to be the cause of the difficulty in their family. My Love from the Star is a revenge thriller similar to My Love from the Star.

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More Korean dramas to watch if you liked My Love from the Star:

6. My Girlfriend is an Alien (2019)
7. My Amazing Boyfriend (2016)
8. The Master’s Sun (2013)
9. My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho (2010)
10. Secret Garden (2010)
11. Goblin (2016)
12. Moonshine and Valentine (2018)

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