13 Korean Dramas Like True Beauty

Korean Dramas Like True Beauty

True beauty is a rather simple plot device in a standard romance series. The drama centers on Lim Ju-Kyung (Moon Ga-Young), who is born with average looks and refers to herself as unattractive from the start of the series. Lim Ju-Kyung is bullied by her classmates and pals. Later she is transferred to a new school in her hometown. Lim Ju-first Kyung’s day at Saebom High School marks a new beginning for her, as she enters a world where people respect her attractiveness and desire to befriend her, something she did not experience at her previous school.

Cha Eun Woo, the most gorgeous boy in Saebom High School, caught her eye. He was born both attractive and intellectual. Lee Su Ho had a frigid personality and few friends, with the exception of Kang Soo-Jin, a childhood pal, and they did not have a healthy relationship, which changes at the end of the drama. Han Seo-Joon (Hwang In-youp), another gorgeous boy involved in punk, is introduced in the plot. He was the stereotypical bad guy.

The plot develops into a conventional love triangle, with Han Seo-Joon and Lee Su Ho having crushes on Lim Ju-Kyung and Kang Soo-Jin having a huge crush on Lee Su Ho. Meanwhile, there are interstitial pieces depicting Su Ho and Han Seo-friendship Joon’s phase and the reason for their breakup. The plot details how it affected the mental health of Su Ho and Han Seo-Joon, two pals.

The drama conveys a plethora of subliminal meanings. One is about mental health and suicide and how it affects the lives of others. Second, how appearance might encourage someone to reconsider their choices based on what others say and judge. Other concepts conveyed by the series include the bonding of parents and children, as well as how a parent should comprehend what a youngster is going through.

Love is what we all need, and it is eloquently depicted in the drama. If you are a fan of Korean Dramas like True Beauty (Yeoshingangrim), that talk about love, growth, insecurities and boosting your self-esteem, then check out these similar recommendations.

Best Korean Dramas Similar to True Beauty (Yeoshingangrim):

1. Extraordinary You (Eojjeoda Balgyeonhan Haru)

Eun Dan-oh (Kim Hye-Yoon) is a student at a top-notch college. Out of nowhere, she finds herself in a world of comic fantasy. Now every character seems to fit into a comic called “Secret” written by an omniscient writer. She is treated as an extra character by the writer and is put in an awkward situation where she gets heart disease and her long-time crush hates her. Tired of her fate, she made a vow to change her own story, to find true love for herself.

Her desire to set herself free from this control by the writer becomes and becomes stronger after she meets a boy named Number 13 (Rowoon). She gave him a new name, the so-called Haru. As she tries fixing the frame her own story, we find that it resembles a past story of the same writer, which makes her pay the price for it.

It is included in this list of K-dramas like True Beauty because both the K-dramas are based on webtoons. Both the dramas may appear like high school rom-com but speaks about mental health issues. Dan-Oh and Haru even have a guest appearance in True Beauty.

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2. My ID is Gangnam Beauty (Nae Aidineun Gangnammiin)

Kang Mi-rae (Im Soo-hyang) eventually decided to undergo plastic surgery to alter her appearance after being bullied all her school life. She started to engross herself in her new life with a beautiful face being a center of attention for her peers and pal, a very distinct from her previous life.

She entered a world of acceptance and enjoyment, making friends and hanging out with them; this was a whole new experience for her. But things turn back for her when the truth about her plastic surgery is revealed. Mi-rae’s high school friend, Do Kyung-Seok (Cha Eun-woo), a high school friend of Mi-rae, helps her cope with all of this. The K-drama My Id Is Gangnam Beauty is reminiscent of True Beauty.

The acting and plot portrayals were both excellent, and the audience is left wanting to know what happens next. While watching the series, one’s mind will be filled with interest. Character development is present in the play, which is compelling since the character’s evolution encourages the audience.

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3. School 2017 (Hakgyo 2017)

Ra Eun Ho (Kim Sejeong) discovers the hard way that her high school does not assist students who lack grades, income, or connections. Despite her low school rating, she still hopes to use her talents as a webtoon creator to gain admission to Korea University and be with the boy she likes.

Rang (Park Se Wan), her best friend, is the school janitor’s daughter. She knows that college isn’t a realistic aim for her, so she’s already focused on studying for the civil service exam. Despite having a lower status than Eun Ho, the grumpy Hyun Tae Won (Kim Jung Hyun) has a wealthy father who is a high school investor. As a result, professors turn a blind eye to Tae Won’s negative behavior and poor academic achievement.

Wealthy students receive the best education money can buy, with expensive study materials, private tutors, and cram schools. Despite being poor and having an alcoholic mother who does little to help him, Song Dae Hwi (Jang Dong Yoon) is the top student in his class.

This K-drama particularly can’t relate to True Beauty, but the friendship and relationship in both K-dramas make the audience ride an emotional rollercoaster also narrating students life struggles. It is also based on Webtoon just like true beauty.

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4. The Heirs (Wangkwoneul Sseuryeoneunja)

It mostly follow three characters: Cha Eun-Sang (Park Shin-Hye), Kim Tan (Lee Min-ho), and Choi Young-do (Kim Woo-bin), three high school students at Jejuk High Institution, a prestigious school for “the heirs”, or privileged children. Che Eun-Sang is the maid’s daughter who works at Kim Tan’s house, and she was admitted on the basis of her academic performance.

We observe a love triangle involving the three main characters, as well as Eun-challenges Sang’s life as a poor kid among rich and spoiled brats, and the associated dynamics. A significant portion of the show focuses on the lives of “the heirs,” and how their lives are not as flowery and easy as they appear.

The Heirs has a similar plotline featuring a love triangle, which makes it a K-drama like True Beauty. Also, these k-dramas portray the friendship among the male leads, which has turned complicated because of heart-breaking incidents.

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5. Who are you? School 2015 (Huayu: Hakgyo 2015)

Also known as Love Generation in Japan, this is a Korean television drama starring Kim So-Hyun, Yook Sung-Jae, and Nam Joo-hyuk. Kim So-Hyun played as both identical twins Go Eun-byul and Lee Eun-bi who gets separated at the age of five when one gets adopted. Eun-bi is a resident of an orphanage in Tongyeong, where the younger inhabitants see her as a mother figure.

She conceals the fact that she is being bullied at school by a gang of nasty girls led by Kang So-young, while the teachers remain silent. Han Yi-an (Nam Joo-hyuk) and Gong Tae-kwang (Yook Sung-Jae) are the main leads of the K-drama these sisters, again forming a heart breaking love triangle.

The characterization of who you are resembles True Beauty. These dramas serve as some of the iconic scenes of K-drama. Tae-kwang and Han Seo-Joon both actors gives audience an emotional breakdown hitting by second lead syndrome. Both of them appears to be trouble maker but are gold by heart.

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More K-dramas and series to watch if you liked True Beauty:

6. Boys Over Flowers (Kkotboda namja)
7. Cheese in the Trap
8. Oh My Venus (O Ma-i Bi-neo-seu)
9. She Was Pretty (Geunyeoneun yeppeodda)
10. Love Alarm (Joahamyeon Ullineun)
11. Strong Girl Bong-soon (Him-ssen yeo-ja Do Bong-soon)
12. It’s Okay To Not Be Okay (Saikojiman Gwaenchanha)
13. Switch Girl!!

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