10 Best Movies To Watch With Your Boyfriend

Best Movies To Watch With Your Boyfriend

Movies can be the much-needed spice to your jaded relationship life. Here are 10 of the best romantic movies to rekindle your feelings while you watch with your partner. Read up now and get watching today.

Time spent alone can be frustratingly boring. But a romantic movie is an awesome way to get your groove back. And, of course, with your partner by your side, movie date nights help you bond more effectively. 

That’s why to make your relationship more lovely, we’ve compiled the best movie titles you can watch with your significant other. These movies capture the world of romance, comedy, horror, and suspense in a way that makes it fitting for a couple to watch. 

If you’re still on the first rung of the ladder in search of a partner, you may want to check the best dating sites review. If not, simply dive into the world of romantic movies, pick a suiting title and Netflix and chill with your boyfriend.

Best Movies To Watch With Your Boyfriend for a Date Night:

1. About Time

This 2013 movie shows how there’s no limit to our pursuit of love – not even time. Tim Lake travels in time to pursue his love interest person. How things turned out between the time-forged couple is a must-watch for love birds.

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2. Crazy Rich Asians

It’s unsurprising that Crazy Rich Asians makes the Romantic movies list. The Singaporean and American rom-com traces love, and marriage across wealth divides.

The movie is a 2018 adaptation of a book with the same title. It tells the story of a professor who travels to meet her boyfriend’s kinfolk only to discover they are the cream of society.

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3. Date Night

Date Night is an almost perfect reflection of most relationships. In the movie, a boring couple takes a break from their normal, uneventful life to plan a date. Interestingly, the date night brings more excitement and thrill than they could have imagined.

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4. Don’t Breathe

Away from purely romantic movies, horror can sometimes make your date night a fascinating experience. Three young people in a love triangle attempt to break into a blind war veteran’s house. He proves to be more formidable victim than they imagined. Trust us, you’ll need to catch your breath with your partner after this.

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5. Five Feet Apart

If romantic movies that make you cry are what you crave, say no more. Five Feet Apart follows two cystic fibrosis patients who fall in love. However, their condition requires them to stay away from each other. Will they throw the rules out the window or defy their feelings to stay safe? Find out with your partner on a date night.

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6. Friends with Benefits

Well, here’s one romantic movie to get you in a naughty mood if you desire. It’s one of the awesome romantic movies on Netflix. In Friends with Benefits two friends introduce sex into their already dulled relationship, and it all gets complicated from there. 

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7. Holidate

If you’re a fan of dates during holidays, then this movie might just be the perfect watch for you. Jackson and Sloane struggle to find their perfect plus one and end up being single every holiday. They agree to be each other’s date every holiday to avoid pity from people around them.

However, Holidates grow into serious feelings in one of the best romantic movies of 2020.

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8. Kissing Booth

Kissing Booth is a romantic trilogy and one of the most widely watched romantic movies in 2021. The movie revolves around a young naïve girl who opens up a kissing booth at her school’s carnival.

The most recent movie in the series shows the final years of a high school romance. It’s ultimately a good watch and a wonderful way to reconnect with your partner’s youthful love energy.

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9. Midnight Sun

Ever tried to hide something from your significant other? Midnight sun perfectly captures how a young teen with a condition finds love but remains unable to tell her partner all about her sensitivity to sunlight.

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10. Titanic

The Titanic never grows old. So, even if you’ve seen it by yourself, it’s an unmatchable experience to watch it with your boyfriend. It easily ranks as one of the best sad romantic movies.

It tells a partly true story of love, sacrifice, and wealth. If your love can withstand a test so great as the titanic, you’re probably a better couple than Jack and Rose.

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Final Remarks on the Best Movies to Watch with Your Boyfriend:

Now that you have a long list of movies to choose from, there’s hardly anything stopping you from experiencing the choicest of moments with your boyfriend. Whether it’s Netflix or a Blu-Ray CD, get as many romantic movies from the list as you can and say cheers to awesome date nights ahead.


Author bio: Aria Green is a family photographer, relationship psychology writer. A wife and a mother of two adorable kids who won’t get bored even for a minute. As for a writing passion, she loves personality psychology, helping people with advice on the relationship between a man and a woman.

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