17 Anime Like Tokyo Ravens

Anime Like Tokyo Ravens

Tokyo Ravens is an anime series released in 2014. The story involves onmyoudou magic which was once a potent technique employed by the Japanese to gain the upper hand during World War II. After the “Great Spiritual Disaster”, the Onmyou Agency was founded in order to exorcise future spiritual calamities and confront the demons that would enter the planet.

Onmyoudou now has evolved into a significantly more modern, simpler, and refined system that may be used in a wide range of applications, including medicine and technology. However, not everyone can use the power, as Harutora the lead, a member of the Tsuchimikado’s branch family, has discovered. Despite an old commitment to Natsume, the heir of the Tsuchimikado’s main family and Yakou’s alleged reincarnation, Harutora lacks talent and prefers to live a normal life.

Tokyo Ravens was undoubtedly an entertaining anime. It had a nostalgic air to it and exceeded all of my expectations prior to watching it. The plot twists were well-placed and occasionally shocking, and the mix of humor, drama, and action was well-balanced to provide an overall highly pleasant show. It has romance as well which was quite enjoyable. If you loved it and are looking for more anime similar to Tokyo Ravens, then check out out list of similar recommendations that you will enjoy.

Best Anime Shows Similar to Tokyo Ravens:

1. Noragami

The premise of the story revolves around the intertwined lives of two individuals. Hiyori Ike, a senior girl, and Yato, a deity of calamity and prior war god. The anime is good because it provides humor to a narrative and plot that is normally quite serious.

Just as things appear to be going badly for the god, Hiyori saves Yato from a car accident by absorbing the hit for him. She lives through the incident. But this has made her soul unbalanced and therefore be able to escape her body. Hiyori demands that Yato restore her to normal, but when she learns that he’ll need a new partner to do it, she reluctantly agrees to assist him in his search. And this relationship never ends.

Tokyo Ravens and Noragami both come with having to contend with supernatural beings with special skills. In their perspective worlds, the main male protagonist frequently interacts with these beings.

The main male protagonist in both series has a backstory that is explored throughout the stories. Certain story aspects are revealed as a result of them, and the themes are tied together. The romance here is not as deep as in Tokyo Ravens but there are definitely hints of them and it’s lovely to watch them.

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2. Blue Exorcist

The plot revolves around our lead, Rin Okumura, a teenager, who discovers that he and his twin brother Yukio are Satan’s sons, born of a human woman, and that he is the inheritor of Satan’s powers.

Rin enrolls at True Cross Academy to become an exorcist under Yukio’s guidance in order to confront his father Satan, who has killed their guardian.

Both the stories revolve around supernatural activities and deal with exorcists. The male MC and female MC have similar characteristics and relations. The leads in both the stories are a huge deal.

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3. Strike The Blood

Strike the blood is extremely entertaining and interesting anime. It follows the story of Kojo Akatuski, he one day wakes up as the Fourth Progenitor, one the four most powerful vampires in the world. He’s so powerful that he threatens the balance of the entire world. He is accompanied by a girl who overlooks him.

It has a good mix of romance and action. It has a lot of similarities with Tokyo Ravens, for starters both Kojo and Harutora are extremely dense. Both the MCs are normal until their life takes some huge turns. Again, the supernatural element is a common feature.

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4. Twin Star Exorcist

Demons exist in a parallel realm, exorcists kill them to protect the people. Our MC Rokuro Enmado has great talent of being one, but due to some past incidents he decided not to take this path.

An oracle gave him the title “Twin Star Exorcist”, along with Benio Adashino, the girl who received the same title are destined to marry and have a child, who will be capable of erasing all evil. Both meet accidently and have an adventure together. It’s funny, heartwarming. full of action and adventure.

Both the stories overlap in a lot of cases. Both train to get stronger and defeat demons. Both have a legend of Abe no Seimei. Male and female Mcs get closer and closer as the story progresses. Supernatural setting is obvious.

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5. Black Bullet

The setting of the series is in the year 2021. Here the world is affected by the epidemic of Gastrea, a parasitic virus. After years of living in confinement, children with traces of the virus started to appear.

They were referred to as ‘cursed children’, they possessed super human abilities. The story revolves around the team of Enju Aihara and Satomi Rentaro as they go on missions to fight the growing threat of Gastrea in their hometown of Tokyo.

Even if the setting is different, there are similar vibes among the two shows. Both shows contain humans fighting a different species. Superpower, magic, organizations and disasters are similar.

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More Anime shows to watch if you loved Tokyo Ravens:

6. Guilty Crown
7. Shonen Onmyoji
8. Campione!
9. Kaze no Stigma
10. Certain Magical Index
11. Angel Beats!
12. Magical Warfare
13. Trinity Seven
14. RDG: Red Data Girl
15. Ga-Rei-Zero
16. WorldEnd
17. Blast of Tempest

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