5 Best Anime Against Spring Depression

Best Anime Against Spring Depression

Spring depression is a real thing, and I know this because I have experienced it a couple of times before. However, I got through it each time with a series of anime. It may not be the conventional way, but it works. All you need is a good collection of anime to cure your depression, make you happy, and give you clear skin.

In this article, I made a list of some of the best comedy anime that will give you a good laugh time and help you fight that depression. If you have not been a fan of anime previously, then this might be the best introduction to anime that anyone can ever have. We will be discussing some of the most heartwarming and fun anime to elevate your mood and motivate you.

On the other hand, if you’ve been a fan of anime, you know that not all anime can help fight depression. If this is the case for you, you have to look past your anime taste and watch one that lifts you mentally.

Note that; the fact that an anime worked for other people or me does not mean it will necessarily work for you. This is why we are discussing different anime so you can try them out and settle for the one that works best for you. However, you are surely going to get a good laugh watching these series, and it’ll comfort you. So let’s go into it.

Best Anime Against Spring Depression:

1. Soul Eater

This is many people’s all-time anime shows and for good reasons. This anime works well when you are in need, and you need something to cheer you up, or when you’re bored and need to spend your time in a fun way. Everything about this show is brilliant. The story, characters, the art, etc., all blend perfectly. Soul Eater is not just humorous. It is also deep with several characters struggling with different mental health issues.

One character you’re likely going to love is Crona. This character is referred to as a boy in English because unlike in Japanese. English has no neutral gender. However, the neutral gender of this character will allow you to focus on more issues that they dealt with, especially their mental health and personality issues.

This anime is a good one for you overall. It is also quite short. This one-season show has just 51 episodes, so you can easily binge-watch, and you’re going to enjoy it.

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2. K – On

You may have joined a band at some point in your younger years, or you even created one with your friends. Even though you didn’t know how to play any musical instrument, that still didn’t stop you from joining the band. This may not be everyone’s story, but if it is your story, then you’re not alone.

You have good company with this series. K-On tells a tale about Yui, a high school student that joined the schools’ music club even though she didn’t have any experience with music.

The antics she pulled with her friends on several occasions but the music at the backseat sometimes. This exciting series is an excellent way for you to take a break from whatever you are doing at the moment and watch the ladies trying to create their tunes.

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3. Violet Evergarden

This is a relatively new show, and although the story could have been a little better, it still offers you an impressive visual feast and helps ease your depression burdens. If you’re a lover of anime, then you should watch this show. Whether you are watching it to add to your anime portfolio or you’re watching it to combat the spring depression, it’s worth every bit of your time.

The story is about Violet Evergarden and her struggle to reintegrate into society after serving as a super-soldier during the war. She works as a writer for a family and helps a blind novelist, Mollie, pen down her words into a story. This character is far from perfect and can become very annoying sometimes, but I guess that’s why she appears natural to many viewers.

She’s a young lady that has spent most of her life following orders and fighting before she sets out to find herself and her purpose. It’s a very short anime series with just one season and 13 episodes. So, it doesn’t eat too deep into your time.

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4. Fairy Tail

There’s no doubt that Fairy Tail is on the list of the best magic anime shows, even though it’s a long series with seven seasons and a total of 288 episodes full of fantastic characters, action, and magic.

The story is set in a world where wizards and magic thrive and form wizard guile. The ‘Fairy Tail’ is an (in)famous guild with different types of wizards, known especially for their strength and the fact that they’re full of their agendas, baggage and have incredible personalities underneath.

You’ll be surely entertained by the adventures of these wizards and will also get to learn some good life lessons in the process.

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5. Galaxy angel

This is a comedy, sci-fi series with four seasons and 125 episodes in total. The story is about a group of chicks known as the “Angel Brigade” who travel across the galaxy searching for powerful lost objects. The characters had many issues to deal with, and they often did it creatively and with great humor.

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These are some of the best anime to get you through the spring depression, but there are many more than you can check out.

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