14 War Driven Anime Like Code Geass

Anime Like Code Geass

Britannia has invaded the world, also renaming different countries, including calling Japan “Area 11”. Lelouch, a 17-year-old boy from Britannia, lives in Japan, and decides to go against them. Lelouch discovers a strange power, which he gains access to through a “contract” with an unknown girl, who is a government weapon.

With this power, he will try to defeat Britannia so that his little sister, Nunnuly, can live in a better place when she recovers her sight. He will try to achieve this with the help of a powerful resistance, who consider him their leader. This is a story about war, about empires, and about huge twists that keep us glued to the screen.

These anime like Code Geass will feature the main characters with strange powers, wars between different factions, and great storytelling. Here is our list:

Best Anime Shows Similar to Code Geass:

1. Guilty Crown

Guilty Crown puts us in a futuristic setting, very similar to Code Geass, even in atmosphere, but with differences. A virus descends on Earth creating chaos, with the period being called Lost Christmas.

Ten years later, a high school boy named Shu Ouma, a cowardly, pitiful and weak boy, who thinks no one cares about him, meets Inori in an unusual situation.

This is because Inori has stolen a secret experiment from the GHQ offices. Shu decides to help him and for certain reasons, he is “infected” with the experiment, which gives him “the power of the king” in his right hand. This power allows him to materialize people into weapons. The main character and setting make Guilty Crown an obvious anime like Code Geass to watch and be absorbed in.

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2. Darker Than Black

The sky is dead, and with it the stars and the moon; what you see now are artificial stars connected to contractors. It all began with the appearance of the Hell’s Gate, which started the appearance of people with special abilities. They, the contractors, are highly dangerous although some of them work for secret government organizations fulfilling risky missions that a normal human could not perform.

On top of that, their existence is kept secret as much as possible from the normal population.

B201, codename Hei, is a highly skilled contractor, also known as Black Shinigami. Hei is sent to Tokyo by the syndicate under a false identity of a bumbling Chinese exchange student, Lee Shen Shun, where he will need to keep a low profile while clandestinely going undercover to accomplish missions.

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3. Kill la Kill

This story takes place at Honnouji Academy, where students have uniforms that give them different powers and abilities. Student council president Satsuki Kiryƫin enforces the rules by force.

An exchange student named Ryuko Matoi stands in her way: Matoi, wielding a scissor-shaped sword and wearing a school uniform that is alive, will fight to learn the truth of who her father’s killer is.

Action packed and with a character that resembles Lelouch, this is another great anime like Code Geass which will peak your interest.

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4. Steins;Gate

The story of “Steins;Gate” takes place in Akihabara and is about a group of friends who modified their microwave oven into a device that can send text messages back in time. While conducting various experiments, an organization called SERN, which has been conducting its own research on time travel, tracks them down and now the characters must find a way to avoid being captured by them.

Kurisu Makise is a complete prodigy in the world of science who is very curious and loves to experiment, which is why she will soon become a member of Okabe’s lab. Mayuri is Okabe’s childhood friend, who calls herself his hostage (for both good and bad reasons). Although she doesn’t understand the question of time travel very well and what Okabe does, she doesn’t separate herself from Okabe and supports him as much as she can.

These characters work great together and cause for a lot of friction, drama and interesting interactions as they try to avoid being captured.

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5. Aldnoah.Zero

Humanity arrives on the Moon, where it finds an alien portal called hypergate, which it uses to travel to Mars. A part of humanity travels to the red planet, colonizing it and discovering new technology, which they use to become independent and create a new society; the Vers. The Vers technology quickly surpasses that of Earth and its inhabitants decide to declare war on the Earthlings to colonize their planet, since it is rich in resources, unlike Mars.

The anime begins 15 years after this, introducing us to Princess Asseylum, who wants to visit Earth as a symbol of peace. But to get the story started all at once, the princess is killed by terrorists in the middle of a parade. Or well, the one who is killed is her doppelganger, since the real princess never attended the parade.

However, no one knows that the princess has survived and the war between Vers and Earth is detonated again. Another awesome anime similar to Code Geass that features great characters and a war of the worlds.

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More Anime shows to watch if you loved Code Geass:

6. Gurren Lagann
7. Neon Genesis Evangelion
8. Death Note
9. Eureka Seven
10. Attack On Titan
11. K
12. Full Metal Alchemist
13. Devilman Crybaby
14. Sirius The Jaeger

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