15 Donghua Like Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)

Donghua Like Soul Land (Douluo Dalu)

The story of Soul Land follows Tang San the young prodigy of the famous martial art clan Tang Sect specialized in the hidden weapons. Thought he was born in the outer sect, hungry for knowledge Tang San steals the sect’s forbidden knowledge only accessible to the top officials on the inner sect.

After learning and mastering the forbidden knowledge, he completes the most advanced hidden weapon, gives it to the Sect’s elder and commits suicide for his crime by falling from the Hell’s Peak. He soon realizes that he is now reborn in the world of “Soul Land” where the strong prevail and the weak perish.

With the knowledge of his previous life and the very rare dual innate spirits that he possess, he aims to cultivate and become a spirit masters, a profession considered most noble in the Soul Land. This was one of the very first 3D animated Chinese anime that I watched and loved (Note: It took me some time to get used to the 3D animation format). This opened me to the world of other such similar cultivation and martial anime that I was oblivious till then.

Today after watching and completing many such similar anime we decided to write this to help other that are new to these Chinese anime about cultivation and martial arts. Here is our list of recommendations for top cultivation and martial arts anime like Soul Land (Douluo Dalu).

Best Chinese Anime Shows Similar to Soul Land (Douluo Dalu):

1. Battle Through the Heavens (Doupo Cangqiong)

Based on the Chinese novel Doupo Cangqiong by Tian Can Tu Dou, the anime follows Xiao Yan son of the Xiao Zhan the leader of Xiao tribe. He is considered a martial arts genius at a very young age, however he suddenly loses all his powers.

Once considered a prodigy he now became an embarrassment to his family after his fiancée breaks the marriage agreement with him. In a world where power and strength matters he promises to defeat his fiancée in three years. But can he fulfill his promise in such short time and restore the lost reputation to the family?

Similar to soul land, Battle Through the Heavens (Doupo Cangqiong) is also a 3d action anime that focuses on cultivation and martial arts. Both anime are set in a world where only power and status matters and the main characters must overcome the obstacles in their way to achieve their goal.

If you enjoyed Soul Land and are looking for a similar anime, I am pretty sure that you’ll love Battle Through the Heavens, and thus it’s our first recommendation.

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2. Snow Eagle Lord (Xue Ying Ling Zhu)

The anime follows Xue Ying the young leader of the Snow Eagle Territory who must now take care of his younger brother with the help of his uncles after both his parents are defeated and captured by the enemy.

In order to defeat them and release his parents Xue Ying must improve his cultivation, become stronger and make his Dong Bo clan a powerful sect in the empire. To realize his dream he sets out on an adventure accepting dangerous missions to improve his martial arts and make a name for himself and his clan.

Just like Douluo Dalu (Soul Land) the world of Snow Eagle Lord also have distinctive power levels in the world based on the individual strength. The main characters of both anime are smart that start as a weak but soon becomes known as a prodigy of the martial arts.

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3. Stellar Transformation (Xing Chen Bian)

The anime follows Qin Yu, the third Prince of the Qin dynasty, who does not possess the innate ability to practicing the internal arts. Due to this father Qin De send him to a secluded mountain to live with his grand father. In order to get his fathers approval he decides to train in the external arts which are considered most difficult and painful to learn.

However, his life changes when the Meteoric Tear – a mysterious red stone after falling from the sky fuses with his body and he undergoes drastic transformation. With this can he now get the approval from his father? Will he be able to help his father in his endeavors? What is the reason behind his mother’s death? Watch it to know the answers to these questions and unravel many more such mysteries.

Both anime has the main character that started somewhat weak and looked down by his enemies. We think this will a great recommendation if you are looking for a martial arts donghua like Soul Land (Douluo Dalu).

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4. Martial Universe (Wu Dong Qian Kun)

The anime follows Lin Dong of the branch family of Lin Clan, whose life changes drastically when Lin Langtian, the genius of the great Lin Clan defeats and cripples his father.

After this incident his father became a drunkard and he is humiliated and bullied by every one around. The only think Lin wants is to take revenge on Lin Langtian. When he comes across a powerful stone talisman which fuses itself inside his hand and he becomes very powerful thanks to the artifact.

Will he reach the level he wants to be able to fight Lin Langtian? What is the mystery behind the stone talisman? What will happen to his family and the clan? Watch this anime to find answers to these questions. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for a 3DCG Chinese cultivation animation like Soul Land.

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5. Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation (Mo Dao Zu Shi)

The anime follows Wei Wuxian the founder of Demonic Cultivation who brought down the tyrannical Wen Clan. However, the way he fought against the Wen Clan using chaos and destruction made him the most hated being. In the end he was killed by an alliance of strong cultivation clans and his dearest ally.

After Thirteen years, he is now summoned into the body of a Mo Xuanyu a lunatic who sacrificed his body so that Wei can avenge him. Soon he meets with Lan Wangji, his former classmate.

Will Wangji be able to identify who he really is? What are the reasons that made Wei choose the path of Demonic cultivation? What made hi to be most hated man? Why was he killed by his closest ally? Watch this anime to know the answers to these questions.

This is an awesome with amazing 2D animation style and great music which I feel that fans of Douluo Dalu will surely enjoy and would recommend it for the fans of Japanese anime who are new to the Donghua (Chinese animation).

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More 3D Chinese animations to watch if you liked Soul Land (Douluo Dalu):

6. The Legend and the Hero (Wu Geng Ji)
7. Tales of Demons and Gods (Yao Shen Ji)
8. Martial Master/The God of War Dominates (Wushen Zhuzai)
9. The Grand Lord (Da Zhu Zai)
10. Perfect World (Wanmei Shijie)
11. God of Ten Thousand Realms (Wan Jie Fa Shen)
12. Swallowed Star (Tunshi Xingkong)
13. The Daily Life of the Immortal King (Xian Wang de Richang Shenghuo)
14. Carp Reborn (Yuan Long)
15. Peerless Martial Spirit (Jueshi Wuhun)

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