12 Anime Like Psycho-Pass

Anime Like Psycho-Pass

In Psycho Pass we are taken to a future where it is possible to instantly measure and determine a person’s mental state and personality. This information is recorded and processed, and the term “Psycho-Pass” refers to the common name for each person’s references to it. The story introduces us to Shinya Kogami, a law enforcement officer in this world whose task is to fight crime.

This series is “western” in its setting, mainly because of its Cyber-Punk style. A destiny designated from birth, the search for the welfare of society over individual freedoms and the existence of a great unquestionable power are core themes of this wonderfully addictive anime.

If you’re looking for anime like Psycho Pass you have come to the right place. Our list of most similar anime is below, check it out:

Best Anime Shows Similar to Psycho-Pass:

1. From The New World (Shinsekai Yori)

In the world of Shinsekai Yori, there was an outbreak of 0.1% of the population that developed a form of psychokinesis called Cantus. This is the power to manipulate matter and fire with the mind, which led to a dark period in human history once its users, aware of this power of godlike proportions, resorted to violence.

After this time of chaos with regimes installed and overthrown in succession, the psychic faction of humanity settled in villages isolated from the rest of the world, with their own rules to maintain their fragile stability, creating a New World with complex rules and moral implications.

The series tells the story of Saki Watanabe, a 12-year-old girl from the village of Kamisu 66 and her group of friends as they slowly unravel the truths of their world, how they came to their current state, and presents us with a unique coming-of-age story. A mesmerizing anime similar to Psycho Pass that will keep you on your toes.

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2. Monster

Kenzo Tenma is the renowned neurosurgeon highly recognized for his enormous working for the Eisler Memorial Hospital in Düsseldorf. He is the husband of Eva Heinemann, the daughter of the hospital director, who in turn clearly sees a promising future for Tenma because of his gift as an expert doctor.

However, corruption invades the hospital, placing priority on patients with money or high social rank. Faced with this form of function in the place, upon the arrival of the little Liebert twins who have just arrived from a massacre where their adoptive parents were killed, and the mayor of the city in a critical state of thrombosis, Tenma is ordered as a priority to treat the mayor and let the Liebert child die.

Knowing that the boy arrived first and he is the only one capable of treating such a delicate wound and dangerous operation, Kenzo disobeys this superior order and treats the Liebert twin first, thus causing the death of the mayor, but saving the boy’s life.

The consequences of his actions will cost him dearly, more than he could ever expect.

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3. Plastic Memories

This story is set in a future that we consider near, where technology has advanced to such an extent that androids capable of dealing with the routine of human beings are created. These are created and distributed by the company SA Corp. which, thanks to its constant progress and research in the area, has developed and expanded an innovative model of androids: the giftia.

The giftia androids are a model of androids that present more realistic and numerous human features, qualities and characteristics than previous models, in addition to showing the development of feelings and emotions.

These androids coexist day by day with those who acquire them, easily forging an affectionate bond. However, this bond is affected by the design of the androids. An interesting look at the uses and dangers of technology that will keep fans of anime like Psycho Pass glued to the screen and hungry for more.

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4. No.6

The story focuses on Shion, a kind and innocent boy who lives in one of the most elite areas within the world of No6. It all begins when Shion leaves the window of his room open during a stormy night and meets Nezumi, a boy who flees from his pursuers while injured and sneaks into the room to hide.

One of the strong points of No.6 is that it shows us quite well how human society is and how people try to control everything at any cost. We can see the clear social differences, where we are shown some of the great injustices that exist between the different classes. A very well made anime with a powerful message awaits.

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5. Ergo Proxy

Philosophy made anime. An amalgam of religious, mythological, philosophical, artistic… even cinematographic and musical references. Ergo Proxy is loaded with, symbolism and very thought provoking throughout.

A magnificent work of the Cyberpunk genre, heir to one of the most transcendental legacies of the industry. Against a dystopian backdrop of city states surviving an apocalypse of the past, Re-L Meyer must fight against the lies and denial of her society to uncover an elusive truth.

From this point of view, the detective shows her ability without going through the forced gender change that much of the industry demands of women (masculinizing women) without taking away her dark “personal touch”.

This is a unique anime offering strong teachings and reflections, something that fans of anime like Psycho Pass are sure to enjoy.

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More Anime Shows To Watch If You Loved Psycho-Pass:

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7. Death Note
8. Cowboy Bebop
9. Fate/Zero
10. Guilty Crown
11. Top Secret: Revelation
12. Harmony

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