15 MMO Games Like Runescape

Games Like Runescape

RuneScape is an MMORPG developed and published by Jagex in 2001, completely exclusive to PC. It has the honor of being one of the few games of this type to hold a Guinness World Record, for being the largest and most updated MMORPG of all time within the free to play category.

The point is that the freedom of action offered by the title was really overwhelming. The secret of ‘RuneScape’ does not lie in the game, but in the community of players that had been forged in it.

A pioneer in the MMORPG industry, Runescape Games like Runescape have taken on this winning concept and built on it to deliver similar experiences. Here is our list:

Best Games Similar to Runescape:

1. EverQuest

In the world of EverQuest, the player explores a world reminiscent of Tolkien’s fantasy world, with swords and magic, fighting monsters for treasure and experience points while interacting with other players.

As players advance, they level up, gaining power, prestige and skills. They can also get items for their characters in many ways, killing monsters (and collecting the loot they carry), carrying out quests (which are procured for them by non-player characters), or getting basic materials (wood, iron, gold,…) and crafting them themselves.

This is a great game like Runescape, released around the same time that will delight fans of classic MMORPG’s.

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2. Neverwinter

There are few role-playing games more complete and deep in its mechanics than Neverwinter Nights, the jewel that came to PC 17 years ago, thanks to Bioware.

The story of Neverwinter takes us to the city that gives its name to the game, once a prosperous location, which has now fallen prey to a terrible plague, the Howling Death.

Our journey begins in the Academy of Heroes, where our character has arrived to train and help in the search for a cure for the plague. From there, a journey begins with many plot twists, sinister characters and tons of magic.

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3. Elder Scrolls Online

It’s an intense world that seems immense: then you discover that it’s not really that big, but it does honor the saga in the handling of secondary characters, in the comings and goings through memorable places. And the story is told with the grace that you would expect from an Elder Scrolls.

It is an MMO with a well-managed combat. The distribution in the controls is very well thought out and the combat is dynamic and also makes sense to have and take care of the skills in which you feel more comfortable. They are not just there for the sake of it.

If you love games similar to Runescape then Elder Scrolls Online will be right up your alley.

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4. Rift

Very few games offer what Rift offers. With Rift you have everything you can find in WoW (dungeons, Raids, Mounts etc) and what you find in Guild Wars 2 (dynamic events, World Bosses, Gem store etc).

Great variety of classes, there are not only the typical, tank, mage, healer, there are many that are very different, for example the bombardier, which is dedicated to attach or drop bombs on the enemy.

A cool skill system where you choose a main class but you have two other similar classes where you can spend points so you can make many variations. For example you can choose to be a thief, but there are many types of the “thief” pattern, for example you could make combinations of assassin and bombardier. A more detailed game with lots of choices and hours of fun await!

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5. World Of Warcraft

Probably the most well-known MMORPG, World of Warcraft revolutionized and dominated the industry ever since its original release. Taking a lot of inspiration from Runescape, Blizzard developed a game in the Warcraft universe that literally offers everything you could want – and more.

Choose between a variety of classes and specs, a big number of customizations, skillful abilities and great combat mechanics. Fight against other players, explore an ever developing world and join forces with others to defeat powerful monsters in 25 man raids.

World of Warcraft has something for everybody, especially for fans of games like Runescape.

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More MMO Games for you if you liked Runescape:

6. Project: Gorgon
7. Eldevin
8. Ultima Online
9. ArcheAge
10. Guild Wars 2
11. Eve Online
12. Tibia
13. Black Desert Online
14. Legends of Aria
15. Albion Online

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