13 Anime Movies Like Princess Mononoke

Anime Movies Like Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke explores the struggle between the protectors of the forest and the humans who need the forest’s resources. Prince Ashitaka tries to save his village from a demonic boar and in doing so is cursed. For this reason Ashitaka must leave in search of a cure and get away from his village forever.

In his quest he meets the iron village and its leader Lady Eboshi, when this village is attacked by a pack of wolves led by a girl, Princess Mononoke. There he discovers the reason for the struggle between the protectors of the forest and the humans who want to destroy the natural resources.

Anime like Princess Mononoke have stories that involve nature, young characters, communion between characters what surrounds them, dramatic tones and storylines with deep meaning. Here is our definitive list:

Best Anime Movies Similar to Princess Mononoke:

1. InuYasha The Movie

Inu Yasha brings us an exciting epic series set in mythological medieval Japan, full of monsters, demons and other extraordinary creatures.

It is here that Kagome, a high school student, arrives through a mysterious well in her house, attached to an ancient temple. In this bygone era she meets Inu Yasha, a half-demon whose main objective is to find a powerful amulet, the jewel of the four souls, which can transform him into a full demon.

Things get complicated when the jewel breaks into thousands of fragments that end up scattered all over the world. Inu Yasha and Kagome will have to join forces to recover each and every one of the fragments of the jewel. This is an anime like Mononoke that has all the elements you love and want to see more of.

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2. Spirited Away

Spirited Away is a fantastic journey that Chihiro makes through the spiritual world of the Gods, when by a strange coincidence, which seemed more like fate, leads Chihiro to enter a lost and forgotten city.

Chihiro and her parents get trapped in this spiritual dimension where everything is possible, but out of her curiosity she discovers that it is full of spirits while her parents are turned into pigs.

It is at that moment when she discovers Haku, a character that will help her throughout her stay in this world, while working in the thermal baths of the gods, a necessary job to avoid being eaten or turned into pigs or coal from the thermal bath. A story of self-discovery that will delight fans of anime like Princess Mononoke.

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3. Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind

After more than a thousand years have passed since the end of a certain catastrophic war, the few remaining humans have been trying to survive.

Among the few remaining nations, the Valley of the Wind manages to live in peace in a forest without harming the forest animals. Its princess NausicaƤ is a kind and brave warrior who tries to coexist with the other living creatures while investigating the forest.

However, this tranquility comes to an end when a huge Tormekia airship crashes in the valley, exposing a cargo that seems to indicate that the war will start again.

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4. Wolf Children

Hana, a college student, falls in love with a classmate with whom she begins a life together and with whom she brings to the world Yuki, born on a snowy day, and Ame, born on a rainy day.

After the disappearance of the father, Hana tries to live discreetly with the little ones in a corner of the city. Their lives are simple and happy, but they hide a secret: their father was a werewolf. Hana soon discovers that raising two werewolf children is not easy and decides to leave the city to raise her children away from prying eyes on a farm in the middle of nature on the outskirts of a village.

There, she hopes that the hyperactive Yuki and the fearful Ame can find themselves and decide whether they want to lead a life as humans or wolves.

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5. Origin: Spirits of The Past

In a post-apocalyptic world, a few hundred years in the future of our current civilization, water is a scarce commodity controlled by “The Forest”, which has its own conscience and beings called “Druids” who inhabit, defend and speak on its behalf.

Agito is a boy who lives in Neutral City, built from the rubble of an ancient metropolis and whose name comes from the desire of its inhabitants to coexist with The Forest.

Not all people in the new world want to coexist with The Forest – Ragna is a military country willing to use any means necessary to destroy it. With a very similar feel, Origin is a perfect anime similar to Mononoke to enjoy and think about.

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More Anime film recommendations if you liked ‘Princess Mononoke’:

6. Children Who Chase Lost Voices
7. Samurai X: Trust and Betrayal
8. The Garden Of Words
9. Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit
10. Earth Maiden Arjuna
11. Wolf’s Rain
12. Tales from Earthsea
13. The Perfect World of Kai

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