17 Anime Shows Similar to Berserk

Anime Shows Similar to Berserk

Its story is largely set in the kingdom of Midland, a city that rose from the ashes of an ancient empire that was ruled by the skull emperor. A ruthless man who wore a helmet in the shape of a human skull, his name was Emperor Gaiseric and he ruled not only the kingdom of Midland but the entire continent.

The Berserk universe was created under the genre of gore horror and stories of drama and tragedy, where the evil and the worst actions of human beings and monstrously fantastic beings place it among the darkest tales ever captured. Its plot philosophy is markedly existentialist, where its characters contradict their good moral principles in order to survive.

Anime like Berserk will focus on serious conflicts and mature plots where the heroes have to choose between what is right and what is wrong – sometimes having to prioritize survival.

Best Anime Shows Similar to ‘Berserk’:

1. Fist of The North Star

With a marked western tone, which it is incapable of shaking off, the story begins with the introduction of the vigilante vagabond, who wanders aimlessly from place to place, and whose past is as bitter as it is unjust.

The story of Fist of the North Star revolves around Kenshiro. A young nomad of this world who doesn’t make his goal very clear, it seems that he has the key to be the most feared of all. Our protagonist will be working with a mythical martial art: The Fist of the North Star or Hokuto Shinken. Focused on attacking the vital points or meridians of the organism and causing small modifications that can lead to death.

Marked by a seven-pointed scar, his main objective is to find Shin and recover the love of his life. As we can see, we are faced with a fairly simple plot, but full of action, which will make it very easy to devour especially if you’re fan of anime like Berserk.

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2. Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust

Charlotte, the daughter of a wealthy family is kidnapped by a vampire, and her father decides to hire D, a half-human, half-vampire bounty hunter, as his last hope to rescue her and save his daughter.

Starting with the best, without a doubt the strongest point of the whole anime is its dark, macabre-style setting, with strong influences from the classic European gothic horror in which the great myths of vampirism were born, which is greatly helped by the brilliant adaptations of the excellent character designs by Yoshitaka Amano. For that alone this is the perfect anime like Berserk to watch as a follow-up.

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3. Devilman Crybaby

The plot of Devilman Crybaby revolves around the peculiar personal situation of Akira Fudo. The life of this young teenager with an introverted character and a big heart is turned upside down when his childhood friend, Ryo Asuka, returns to Japan and contacts him.

The latter confides to Akira the secret of the existence of demons on the face of the earth, evil creatures that live inside many humans. In order to exterminate them, Ryo intends to summon Amon, one of the most powerful demons, to possess Akira’s body and rely on his strength.

Under a chaotic, psychedelic scenario, stained by liters and liters of blood, we witness the birth of Devilman. A very captivating anime that will keep you hooked throughout.

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4. Bastard!!

The Kingdom of Judas has been slaughtered by a demonic army commanded by the Four Horsemen of Havok, who plan to resurrect the Goddess of Destruction Anthrathrax.

The neighboring kingdom of Metallicana, vulnerable in the absence of the king and knights, is under attack by the wizard Osbourne. The High Priest of Metallicana, Geo Noto Soto, decides to awaken Dark Schneider, a powerful black wizard that the priest sealed in the body of Luciel Renren, a 14-year-old orphan he sponsored.

To break the seal, a spell must be cast, the culmination of which is the kiss of a virgin, so Geo will need his daughter Tia Noto Yoko for the ritual. A dark tale of sacrifice and survival will follow.

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5. Gungrave

In a city where crime is the only thing that can be heard on every corner and with the philosophy of “he who doesn’t get along doesn’t get ahead”, there is a gang of friends who only dedicate themselves to stealing and selling whatever they can. They don’t hurt anyone, they just hang out in the bar telling their stories and rumors about the city.

Brandon Heat and Harry MacDowell stand out in this gang. Brandon starts sneaking around with a girl named Maria, who is the daughter of the owner of Millennion, the mafia that syndicates practically everything in the city.

All this “good life” begins to change when they are confronted by another gang, which they beat and slowly begin to work their way into Millennion’s ranks. An action packed anime like Berserk where the toughest will prevail.

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More Similar Anime shows to watch if you like ‘Berserk’:

6. Hellsing: Ultimate
7. Claymore
8. Ninja Scroll
9. Afro Samurai
10. Gantz
11. Basilisk
12. Monster
13. The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
14. Vinland Saga
15. Garo: The Animation (Honoo no Kokuin)
16. Dororo
17. Goblin Slayer

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