13 Must Play Games Like Factorio

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You wake up to the desolate sight of your burning ship. The escape capsule saved your life but you are now stranded on this strange planet.

The atmosphere is breathable and life seems to be abundant but it suffers from a total lack of technology. You can see minerals sticking out of the ground, and you have some tools. Get to work and build your own factories, manage them, expand, evolve and succeed.

This is a captivating game of building and management, and games like Factorio are very similar in this aspect. Here is our top recommended list:

Best Games Similar to Factorio:

1. Satisfactory

Our main goal is to extract and process as many resources as possible to implement a huge industry.

The most interesting thing is that the planets have been created manually, so we can appreciate a careful level design, which helps to create a much more balanced and dynamic experience. In addition, when starting a game we can choose between three different environments, varying the ecosystem, the arrangement of resources and the peculiarities of the terrain.

The goal is the same, and this is why this is at the top of our list of games like Factorio. You need to build and manage factories in a successful manner. This while also tackling random events that can happen and put a dent in your efforts.

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2. RimWorld

Rimworld is a game with many facets, but the main one is its ability to generate stories. The main thing is neither winning nor losing, but the stories that are created between our characters. On that basis, it goes much further: it is a game of management, of survival, of action, of simulation and of strategy. It is also a title that rewards exploration. Many fields, and don’t think that they are touched above, many of the facets of Rimworld are really deep.

You generate a world, choose 3 characters that get to inhabit it (each with different abilities and roles) and off you go. Build and survive any calamities. The feel, detail and options feel infinite in this excellent game similar to Factorio.

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3. Prison Architect

Think Factorio or RimWorld, but with a “small” twist. Instead of being on a deserted planet, you are warden of a prison you need to manage. Build your prison from the ground up, and make sure everything is running smoothly. Prisoners need beds, a place to spend free time, and a cafeteria to say the least.

But they can also try to escape. They can form alliances, they can build tunnels, and of course, they can try and benefit off any accident or issue that happens inside the prison. It’s up to you to keep everything in balance. Can you do it?

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4. Mindustry

Just like Factorio, in Mindustry you will have to defend your factories against enemies, in a sort of tower defense/factory building crossover. So not only do you have to build a running factory, you also have to be weary of where you place your turrets, and if your turrets have enough ammo for when you are attacked.

It’s a nice and enjoyable twist for fans of this genre, and you should enjoy many hours trying to master it. It’s not that easy, but immensely satisfying.

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5. Oxygen Not Included

We meet three poor souls who have ended up on an asteroid and must look for a way to survive inside it. To do this, the first thing we do is to get them to dig. Normally in a horizontal position, be careful, there are dangers that can kill you.

Some latrines here, some beds there so that they don’t sleep on the floor and, from there, we focus on getting resources and managing the station to make it fully self-sufficient. This includes cultivating the weeds that we have on hand, finding drinking water and, above all, making sure that the oxygen keeps flowing in the rooms that we are creating.

A fascinating twist on games like Factorio, where you have to build something inside an asteroid. Challenging but fun!

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More games to play if you enjoyed Factorio:

6. Dwarf Fortress
7. Starbound
8. Stardew Valley
9. Space Engineers
10. Frostpunk
11. Factory Town
12. Automation Empire
13. Astroneer

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