14 Thrilling Anime Like Steins;Gate

Anime Like Steins Gate

Okabe Rintarou is an 18-year-old boy obsessed with conspiracies and calling himself a mad scientist. One day he finds Kurisu Makise, a young prodigy scientist stabbed in a room.

After sending a message about what happened, his whole world turns upside down when everything that happened seems to be only in his head, especially when Makise Kurisu turns out to be alive and stands in front of him.

What follows is a science fiction story that involves time travel, mystery, conspiracies, and a decent amount of comedy. Anime like Steins;Gate are about similar topics, and without further ado, here is our recommended list:

Best Anime Series Similar to Steins;Gate:

1. Durarara!!

The story takes us to the center of Tokyo in Ikebukuro. Mikado is a boy looking for new experiences and excitement in the city. His childhood friend Kida encourages him to transfer to her school.

The critical point comes when he meets the headless biker, a supposed urban legend who appears who in reality turns out to be from Ireland and is looking for his stolen head. From there supernatural encounters and mystery follow Mikado everywhere he goes. If you love to watch more anime similar to Steins;Gate, then this should be your first stop because of the mysteries, characters and plot lines.

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2. Another

A young student from North Yomiyama High School dies in strange circumstances. Misaki, which was the girl’s name, was an outstanding student and very much loved by her classmates, so the impact of her death was even greater. However, strange things soon began to happen.

One of her classmates claims to have seen her at her desk, sitting as if she were alive. Soon, the number of students who experience such visions grow, so much so that on graduation day, they put the empty desk next to the rest of the class for the yearbook photo. When the photo is developed, Misaki’s rotting corpse is sitting in her chair. Another is an anime like Steins Gate where we are not sure what the truth is, and we need to uncover the mystery.

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3. Erased (Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi)

Erased brings us a character more similar to the “Butterfly Effect”, a kind of involuntary journey that fulfills the obligation to change history. Without having a clear possible outcome.

In 2006 we are introduced to Fujinima Satoru, a young pizza delivery boy who dreams of becoming a famous mangaka. Who, for luck or misfortune, has a particular skill that allows him to go back in time a few minutes before an accident. These “regressions” allow him to change the future of someone who is about to suffer a fatal accident and who is close to him. With time travel and similar main characters, this is an obvious choice for fans of anime like Steins;Gate.

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4. Robotics;Notes

The story takes us to the year 2019 where the whole society is used to technology and to carry with them small portable pc. Two young friends Kaito Yashio and Akiho Senomiya both try to save the robotics club. More than anything else, this is because Akiho’s dream is to finish the fuse that his sister began to build a few years ago in the same club.

However, in the shadows, a conspiracy is carried out with sinister intentions, the destiny of the protagonists will lead them to face that mystery that is hidden beyond. Without spoiling anything else, go enjoy this excellent anime!

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5. Welcome to the N.H.K

Hikikomori is the default term for people who isolate themselves from the world by choice, a person who refuses to leave their house and most of the time are individuals with severe video or Internet addictions. This is a real problem in Japan, where it is estimated that one in ten young people are Hikikomori.

But the story here focuses on Tatsuhiro Satou, a former university student who, after leaving school and not working, supported by his mother who sends him expenses for his studies, is away from the world for almost 4 years.

Locked in his own bubble and wandering day after day totally disconnected from society, Satou has come to the conclusion that everything around him is the fault of an imaginary conspiracy called NHK, and that because of that conspiracy he is a Hikikomori. Another great conspiracy based anime like Steins;Gate that you will love to watch.

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More Anime shows to watch if you liked Steins;Gate:

6. Re:Zero
7. Link Click (Shiguang Dailiren)
8. Puella Magi Madoka Magica
9. The Future Diary (Mirai Nikki)
10. Clannad After Story
11. Eden Of The East
12. Sagrada Reset
13. When They Cry
14. Tokyo Revengers

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