12 Games Like Darkest Dungeon

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This great little turn-based strategy and role-playing game has no compassion for the most impatient. From the first moment it asks you for extreme concentration while their tutorials explain the basics and the rest you will learn along the way.

The plot is less of a protagonist here, but the little that is told to us to start the adventure is enough: a relative writes us a letter where he reveals that we are the only heir of some lands and the family mansion that once shone with splendor. 

However, they are now devastated by an ancient evil that has awakened when trying to dig in the ruins on which the great house was built. It will be our duty then to clean out its dungeons and restore the good name of our house.

Games like Darkest Dungeon must also be captivating turn based strategies or RPG’s with challenging gameplay that isn’t hard to learn, but can be difficult to master. The fun is in the challenge. Check out our list here.

Best Games Similar to ‘Darkest Dungeon’:

1. Slay The Spire

You choose a hero, and you have to get out of the dungeon alive. The goal is to keep climbing and keep defeating monsters until you hopefully reach the end and defeat the final boss.

This is a card turn base strategy game, where every play through is different. You can create different decks, find different runes, and take different paths through the dungeon. While luck may also be involved, in the end, strategy and the ability to use your abilities, potions and runes to their full potential is what’s going to make the difference.

When you win, the game doesn’t end. It just gets harder, and more challenging. This is a perfect game like Darkest Dungeon where you’ll spend hours defeating a wide variety of enemies; hoping to become stronger, unlock new characters, new cards and new monsters.

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2. Dead Cells

We are a headless corpse who died in a cold and humid castle room. One fine day, a viscous green mass comes down into the sewers, takes over our body and… we have life! We don’t care much, we are alive, after all, and the rest of the characters we meet don’t seem to be too surprised either. So, it’s time to get down to business.

Our goal? Escape of course. Defeat enemies, upgrade abilities, get stronger, advance further. This is another tough game to master, but that’s exactly why it’s so fun, and why it’s on our list of games similar to Darkest Dungeon.

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3. Into The Breach

A race of giant alien insects has invaded the Earth and humanity has lost the war against them. We set in motion a desperate plan to try to turn the situation around: a fuse pilot is sent to the past to try to change the present.

We have to go through four islands (plus one final one) accepting different missions generated randomly to protect the cities and the energy supplies that have not been destroyed yet. These are resolved in the form of small strategic battles by turns in the purest classic style.

Every game is different, and our strategy needs to improve as we progress, if we want to have any chance of winning!

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4. FTL: Faster Than Light

You’re on your own spaceship, trying to save the galaxy. You have to navigate the universe, on maps that are always different, and manage to survive.

The game manages to dazzle us from the first few minutes of play, even though it doesn’t cut us any slack. At a glance we can see that the shields are in one room, the weapons in another, the engines in another, etc.

When the enemies reach those areas with their attacks, the corresponding systems will be affected: if we lose the shields’ room, each shot will directly damage the ship. If we run out of the oxygen room, the crew will start to suffocate. That’s bad, because they are the only ones who can repair the affected systems.

This action involves a great risk, since most of the time we will find everything on fire, or cracks that leave them without oxygen. A very difficult yet very fulfilling game that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

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5. Enter the Gungeon

The story of Enter the Gungeon takes us to a distant planet where a terrible war has taken place after the invasion of the planet by some bullet-shaped aliens. These lethal beings destroyed the most important fortress on the planet and took control of the weapon capable of making its bearer travel through time.

We take control of one of the four warriors of Enter the Gungeon. Thus, we can get into the skin of the Marine, the Pilot, the Convict, or the Slayer.

Once the character to play with has been selected, it is time to go into the fortress, which is the real protagonist of Enter the Gungeon, in search of the Weapon of Time. This fortress is composed of a lot of rooms and corridors that are generated in a random way in each game, so every time we go into it is a different experience. A perfect alternative for Darkest Dungeon.

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More games to recommendations if you enjoyed Darkest Dungeon:

6. The Banner Saga
7. Hollow Knight
8. Pillars of Eternity
9. Crypt of the NecroDancer
10. Iratus: Lord Of The Dead
11. Mad Crown
12. Sin Slayers

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