10 Movies Like Love, Strange Love (Amor Estranho Amor)

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Hugo, a middle-aged man, keeps in his memory a really unique childhood. In 1937 while still a boy, he leaves Santa Catarina with his grandmother and lands in São Paulo. Here, he is left in front of a luxurious brothel.

Anna, his mother, is a prostitute and lover of Dr. Osmar Passos, a powerful politician from São Paulo. From then on, the boy will live in this environment with other program girls like Tamara, a daring young woman, and experience a lot of new and forbidden things.

This is an erotic drama and quite controversial Brazilian film at its time. Check out movies like Love, Strange Love that tackles similar plots of self-discovery and eroticism:

Best Movies Similar to Amor Estranho Amor (Love, Strange Love):

1. Eros, o Deus do Amor (Eros, the God of Love 1981)

A man searches for the reasons that lead him not to find meaning in his life. This is shown through his memories, and makes it our top choice for movies like Love, Strange Love.

The main character remembers all his lovers, and all the women he has desired. We see flashbacks of their relationships and erotic interactions. He has to tackle his wife’s cynicism and decide what is it that he really wants out of life.

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Eros o Deus do Amor, Eros the God of Love 1981
2. Maladolescenza (1977)

Since childhood, Fabrizio and Laura enjoy their summer vacations together. The favorite place where they spend time is a Bohemian forest that Fabrizio considers his own kingdom. Now they meet again but they are no longer the same.

They are now two teenagers struggling with the first upsets of sex. During a storm that forces them to take refuge in a ruined castle, they discover the pleasure of kissing and caressing. Their relationship, however, breaks down when a girl of the same age, Silvia, appears on to the scene, to whom Fabrizio now dedicates all his attention.

A solid choice of a movie if you’re looking for more movies like Love, Strange Love, with a young lead looking to discover himself.

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Maladolescenza (1977)
3. A Super Femea (1973)

A pharmaceutical laboratory launches a contraceptive pill for men. For the advertising of the launch, it hires the services of an advertising agency, which starts to make an opinion survey among potential consumers.

The research reveals that 83 per cent of the men consulted are afraid to take the pill, with fear that the product can diminish virility. The advertising agency then uses the brains of its best writer, to come up with a solution.

A super woman to cater and market this product directly to men. A Brazilian comedy very much worth your time if you desire more movies like Love, Strange Love.

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A Super Femea (1973)
4. Senza Vergogna (1986)

Sixteen-year-old Andrea De Marchi is paraplegic and confined to a wheelchair. He lives in a rich estate in the Viareggio countryside with his mother Alessia and father Giorgio. The boy gets rejected in his clumsy sexual approaches by every girl he tries to court.

Finally, he discovers an outlet for his impulses by voyeuristically spying on his parents in their not-so-hidden effusions. He also spies on his father’s extramarital performances with the employees of the estate.

Because he is closer to his mother, he actually starts developing an infatuation with her, and this is were things get crazy.

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Senza Vergogna (1986)
5. Doida Demais (1989)

A woman who is unbelieving, half desperate, involved with fake paintings, seeks help to get rid of a police ploy.

Leticia is a painting forger. She warns Noah – her accomplice and lover – that she no longer wants to do this service. Noah is unhappy with this as he doesn’t want to lose it all. Leticia is reluctant to participate in a sale but is convinced by Noah to do so.

When things don’t go to plan, she tries to escape with another man who is a pilot, and they fall in love. Noah will try to get back at them. Starring the same actress, this is a very interesting alternative for fans of movies like Love, Strange Love.

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Doida Demais (1989)

More films to watch if you liked ‘Love, Strange Love (Amor Estranho Amor)’

6. Lua de Cristal (1990)
7. Luna (1979)
8. Men and Women (1964)
9. Murmur of the Heart (1971)
10. Black Beetle (1983)

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