15 Best Anime Similar to Bleach

Anime Like Bleach

Bleach’s story follows the adventures of 15 year old Ichigo Kurosaki after he gained the powers of a Soul Reaver, a personification of death, from another Soul Reaver, Rukia Kuchiki.

His new powers force him to assume the duty of defending humans from evil spirits and guiding dead souls to the afterlife. At first he doesn’t want to take on these responsibilities, but he later accepts, beginning to eliminate the corrupt souls, even discovering that several of his classmates have spirits of power.

Here are more anime like Bleach that include samurai themes, comedy, action and some supernatural powers. They are some of the most popular anime like Bleach you can find, and which you will surely love to binge:

Best Shonen Anime Similar to Bleach:

1. D.Gray-man

The story focuses on the young Allen Walker, an exorcist, during an imaginary 19th century Europe. Allen becomes a member of the Black Order, a religious organization comprised of exorcists from around the world, which is linked to the Vatican.

The mission of this organization is to stop the Count of the Millennium, an evil demonic entity that seeks to cleanse the world by destroying humanity, using its weapons called Akuma. Exorcists are people compatible with Innocence, a divine substance created in the past.

It is said that there are 109 pieces of Innocence scattered all over the world, once Innocence finds its compatible person, it evolves into an anti-Akuma weapon. This becomes a race between the Black Order and the Count of the Millennium and his allies to achieve Innocence.

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2. Gintama

When Japan is invaded by extraterrestrial creatures, general Amanto is called upon. The samurai faces the aliens, giving them hard battles and fights, but as they possess better weapons and greater numbers, the samurai and other warriors are defeated.

The “people of heaven” dominate the earthlings whom they subject and constantly mock, although they let them act freely, but forbid them to be samurai. Our story takes place in Edo, which was the name of Tokyo, where Gintoki Sakata lives, a samurai, who was known as the “White Demon” during the separatist wars in Edo, due to his skill as a warrior and the silvery-white tone of his hair.

But after losing the war against the aliens and being forbidden to continue being a samurai, Gintoki devotes himself to anything in order to survive. This is a very funny action packed anime like Bleach with a similar main character and many story arcs to enjoy!

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3. Afro Samurai

Afro Samurai tells the story of Afro, a black samurai who wears the number 2 ribbon, one of the two legendary ribbons that designate the two most powerful men in the world.

As a child, Afro saw his father, the Number 1 and most powerful man in the world, killed by the previous Number 2 (a gunman named Justice). Since then he wears the ribbon of Number 2, getting stronger and stronger and preparing his revenge against the man who took away his only family.

A very likable anime similar to Bleach with a strong lead, good action and feel good moments.

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4. Blue Exorcist

Two dimensions are joined in unison, like a mirror. The first is the world where humans live, Assiah, while the other is for demons, Gehenna. Normally, traveling between dimensions is impossible, however, there are demons that achieve it by possessing humans.

Satan is the god of demons, but there is only one thing he does not have, a container able to house him in the human world. The story focuses on fifteen-year-old Rin Okumura, who along with her twin brother, Yukio, were raised by Minister Shiro Fujimoto, an exorcist.

In a few days, Rin discovers that he and Yukio are related to Satan and that he needs to take him to Hell with him.

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5. Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball introduced us to Son Goku, a boy lost in the mountains who, after the death of his grandfather, lives alone in a humble little house. Goku, besides symbolizing an unprecedented force of nature, is pure and innocent.

Sadly, unlike nature, Goku is quite ignorant in many respects, as could be seen and demonstrated at first in his encounter with Bulma. Bulma will be the beginning of Son Goku’s real life and his destiny, because she makes him aware of the legend of the Dragon Balls.

7 crystal balls scattered around the world that when they get together, allow you to invoke the dragon god Shenron and make your wish come true. On the list of anime like Bleach, this particular anime shouldn’t be overlooked, it’s a classic, with a lot of great episodes to enjoy!

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More Anime shows to watch if you liked Bleach:

6. Yu Yu Hakusho
7. Shaman King
8. Soul Eater
9. Naruto
10. Black Cover
11. Hunter x Hunter
12. One Piece
13. Attack on Titan
14. One Punch Man
15. Inuyasha

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