12 Adult Games Like A Town Uncovered


Adult Games, A Town Uncovered

You’ve just moved to a new neighborhood where something very strange is happening. Sex is a natural occurrence here, like eating or drinking. It happens anywhere and it is completely acceptable. You’re in a parallel universe and are about to find yourself in a very unusual circumstance.

But not everything is rosy, there are unpleasant things you have to deal with as you try to get used to the style of living while trying your hand at sex and romance in this unusual place.

Uncover the mystery and win the game! This is an adult game with a cool story and many characters that will keep you entertained.

Adult Adventure Games Similar to A Town Uncovered

1. Mirror

Mirror is a game of collecting crystals to explode, candy crush style, but with the variant that when you take out a combo you break their clothes, and if you manage to get out victorious in their challenges, you get to have sex with them.

The game is very well done, there are dialogues with dubbing, there is a complete story for each girl, a lot of CGs and very good animations.

In short, this game is half puzzle, half graphic novel you’ll enjoy if you want more adult games like A Town Uncovered where you have many characters to go through.

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2. Sweet Dream Succubus

The protagonist was caught in a temporary loop that the Succubus made clear for what purpose. You have three days to save a man, or a succubus will take all his life juices. Your choices matter so it’s up to you how you advance and complete the story each time.

A short visual novel with many different paths you can take so you’ll surely like playing it if you like adult games like A Town Uncovered.

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Sweet Dream Succubus

3. Hypnolab VR

You are the newest test subject of Dr. Kady Psyche at the Ivory Peaks Corporation. Here you will help test various sex toys, gadgets and gizmos, while also uncovering hidden secrets. There is much to try and explore but be careful not to get hypnotized! Proceed at your own peril! 🙂

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Hypnolab VR

4. Space Rescue: Code Pink

Your name is Keen and you work in the spaceship repair business. Your job is to repair everything that needs repaired, but you get in trouble with some of the more attractive crew members.

There are puzzles to solve and choices to make in your attempt to get the girl but also keep your job. A very similar adult game like A Town Uncovered set in space.

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Space Rescue: Code Pink

5. Breeders of the Nephelym

An RPG style erotic game, it can be adapted to the fetishes you want and also to your “gender” (male or female), because it has options to make you a male character and make all the characters focus on that gender, even eliminating all male characters.

The game has a free world and you have to “capture” animals and milk them… you can attract animals with what you milk, but ONLY those who like something in particular.

Think of it like World of Warcraft but with naked characters and more sexual tones. A 3d more complex version of adult games like A Town Uncovered.

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Breeders of the Nephelym

More game recommendations if you may like if you enjoyed A Town Uncovered:

6. Hot And Lovely
7. Crush Crush
8. Lula
9. Snow Daze: The Music of Winter
10. Harem Party
11. Summertime Saga
12. Sisterly Lust

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