11 Adult Games Like Sisterly Lust

Adult Games Like Sisterly Lust

Despite missing audio and feeling a bit flat at times, Sisterly Lust has addictive potential as an erotic game! Very well done story with lots of sex and taboo subjects. Throw in between always varied dialogues and also a little bit of crime. The characters are well drawn and the sex scenes, partly with animated pictures very well done. The decisions you make in the game determine the course of the story, so choose carefully, and have fun! For those who like such adult games this is a must have.

When looking for games like Sisterly Lust, we listed games that are also of an erotic nature with a story, and some with choices as well. If you think we missed any similar game like Sisterly Lust that should be on this list, then please do mention them in comments below so that we may update our list.

Best Adult Games Similar to Sisterly Lust

1. Life with Mary

A man lives his life with little worry, until one day his world is turned upside down when his good friend asks to allow his daughter to live with him. His daughter is stunning, and the temptation is huge. A connection quickly happens, but will you cross the line?

A very good follow up if you’re looking for other games like Sisterly Lust.

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Life with Mary

2. Man of the House

Life as an adult can be a lot of fun. As shown by Man of the House, a fun game that will provide us with long hours of fun accompanied by beautiful women. Struggle, learn and get better to achieve the perfect date with the girl of your dreams, even if it’s only in one little PC game.

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Man of the House

3. Big Brother

It may not be a very complex game, but the ideas conveyed are very deep. Playability aside, this game is also an opportunity to reflect on how the Internet works in China. The voices conveyed in these games are meant to remind us to stay awake in the face of big data, but you can only as much as “staying awake”.

In other words, even if we do understand, what can be changed, or does not need to be changed at all, how powerful are we?

This is a deeper game than the others on this list but has similar themes and so it is a good choice if you want even more games similar to Sisterly Lust.

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Big Brother

4. Parental Love

Our main character is a drug addict who lost his family because of his addictions. Now, after 15 years, he wants to re-kindle the relationship with his former wife Emily and their 2 daughters. He starts dating his wife online, and every choice you decide to make gets him closer to his (and your) goal.

This game features multiple choices and endings, so save often. A very interesting game to try if you’re looking for games like Sisterly Lust.

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Parental Love

5. Perverted Hotel

The protagonist is an adopted child that finally gets in touch with his biological mother and the sisters he thought he never had. He stays at the L’amour hotel for two weeks and finds an opportunity to meet them … and interact with them.

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Perverted Hotel

More adult game recommendations if you like Sisterly Lust:

6. Summertime Saga
7. Acting Lessons
8. Our Fate
9. Milfy City
10. Harem Party
11. Crusoe Had It Easy

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