17 Educational Games Like Kahoot

Educational Games Like Kahoot - Kahoot Alternatives

Kahoot! is the name given to this social and game-based education web service, meaning that it behaves like a game, rewarding those who progress in the answers with a higher score that catapults them to the top of the ranking.

Anyone can create a game board, here called a “Kahoot!” so that, if you want, you can create a test about the types of triangles, the different celestial bodies or about the rules of the road. There are no limitations as long as it fits into one of the four types of applications available today.

Once a Kahoot has been created, other people must join it by entering a PIN code in the mobile application. In this way, the mobile becomes a remote control with which they can easily answer questions, while the screen shows the question and who is winning.

With games like Kahoot we want to explore similar learning or education based games that your can both have fun with and learn something valuable.

Best Learning Games Similar to Kahoot:

1. AhaSlides

AhaSlides is a very cool little game that offers many of the same features as Kahoot, but also adds new ones.

You can create slides, surveys and even cool graphics. It can be used as a presentation software, so it’s not simply a game but an all in one education platform where kids can learn and have fun at the same time.

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AhaSlides - best trivia games for kids and adults
2. WooClap

WooClap is more than a tool, it is a set of utilities that can help us make our class much more dynamic and interact with the audience with great ease.

In order to access its services you have to register, up to here everything is free, the most important limitation is that participants must be a maximum of 30 people in the “free” version.

This, depending on the students we have in the classroom can serve us or not. An all around great learning tool, and the free version is more than enough for most people.

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WooClap - great learning tool like Kahoot
3. Quizizz

Quizizz is a Classroom Management platform that allows you to modify and customize questions to create contests or exams specific to each class, classroom or hall, in a fun and playful way.

Quizizz is very easy to use, the teacher generates the questions, gives to play and the students enter a page that will indicate the web to enter a code and play from their own tablet device, phone or computer, because Quizizz is compatible with all devices, is fun, exciting and 100% educational.

A great quiz game like Kahoot that is also very educational and engaging.

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Quizizz - Trivia game like Kahoot
4. Quizlet Live

Quizlet Live allows you to create your own flashcards, or make your choice from the millions of flashcards created by other students.

There are over 50 million students who use the Quizlet app to study and learn, and the best part is, the app is free! It is easy to use and another application similar to Kahoot that you will enjoy playing with.

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Quizlet Live - Apps like Kahoot
5. ClassDojo

This platform allows teachers to organize their classrooms, promote game-playing activities, grade students and maintain a more fluid communication with them and their families.

ClassDojo is an online platform where a ‘teacher’ type user can create different classrooms. For example, if you are a maths teacher and you are in charge of three classes, you can have a ‘virtual’ classroom in ClassDojo for each of them and each one with its own list of participating students.

Available in browser, on the App Store and on Android. Great for anyone looking for games like Kahoot.

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ClassDojo - Classroom quiz games like kahoot

6. Talented and Gifted

The Talented and Gifted app comprises a collection of guided learning courses on all the subjects relevant for preschool and elementary school up to Grade 3.

It offers a variety of edutainment activities for kids in the form of animated video lessons, interactive learning games, brightly illustrated interactive worksheets and engaging quizzes.

The app’s over 4000 learning activities can be used both in and outside the classroom, making the learning process for young learners enjoyable and fun.

More learning apps and quiz games like Kahoot:

6. QuizUp
7. Google Classroom
8. Aakash iTutor
9. Explain Everything
10. Poll Everywhere
11. Gimkit
12. Trivia Crack
13. LearnZillion
14. Plickers
15. Quizalize
16. Extramarks Smart Student
17. BookWidgets

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