18 Movies Like L’immoralita (Cock Crows at Eleven 1978)

Movies Like L'immoralita (aka Cock Crows at Eleven 1978)

An infanticide maniac shelters in a forest and a little girl discovers him. He spares her in exchange for her silence. The girl’s mother, an elderly nymphomaniac, also discovers the man; she takes him to her villa and rapes him repeatedly.

But the 12 year old girl is also attracted to him, so for the multiple murderer it is arousing. A policeman investigates the area: the elderly nymphomaniac makes him her own. But in the meantime, the little girl has decided to solve the complicated situation in a drastic way…

A tricky riddle of detective storytelling, thriller, eroticism, psychological and taboo, this movie tackles a forbidden subject in a way that most movies today would never come close to. For people looking for movies like L’immoralita, we’ve compiled a list of movies about sexuality, with psychological and taboo themes as well.

Movies Similar to L’immoralita (Cock Crows at Eleven):

1. Piccole labbra (aka Little Lips 1978)

The Viennese officer Paul returns from the Great War to his country estate – cared for by his servants Franz and Anna. The war has changed him. He used to be a man who loved women above all, and his memories are full of passionate intercourse, but his days are now silent and filled with melancholy.

A war wound deprived him of the ability to have love affairs. His friendship with Eva, a twelve-year-old girl who is imploding but already morbid on her own, makes him hope to be able to weave an erotic yet forbidden relationship.

Again a story about a forbidden love affair with a child, this movie is exactly what you are looking for when searching for movies like L’immoralita.

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Piccole labbra aka Little Lips 1978

2. Innocence (2004)

Beckett, a 16-year-old teenager, has to deal with the loss of her mother due to a horrible surfing accident. After being left alone with her father, both decide to move to another city with the intention of starting a new life that will help them overcome the past.

There, the young woman begins to study at a prestigious school, Hamilton, in Riverdale. She finds love but her happiness is cut short again when she discovers that a group of beautiful women are trying to achieve eternal youth by drinking the blood of virgin girls.

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3. Submission (aka Scandalo 1976)

We are in France in 1940, in the middle of the world war, on the eve of the invasion of the Germans. The charming pharmacist, Eliane and her husband Henri, a man who is a bit of a freak, passionate about poetry, are a conventional bourgeois couple who live their marital routine tediously.

To break the monotony of this ménage, the we are introduced to Armand, a young man frustrated by his subalternity. He’s is used to consuming a pleasant “quickie” with the saleswoman Juliette, the very in the back of the shop, after closing time, waiting for her husband. One evening due to a misunderstanding, Juliette misses the usual appointment, so Eliane happens to be in the back of the shop.

Armand, in the dark does not recognize her and gropes her, while Eliane repels him abruptly. But she is attracted to him, and a relationship begins, that gets more and more abusive as we progress into the story. Another difficult movie like L’immoralita you should consider.

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Submission aka Scandalo 1976

4. My Little Princess (2011)

Violetta, 10 years old, lives in a small apartment with her grandmother. Hannah, her mother, is an unpredictable photographer who lives under the patronage of her friend Ernst, a renowned painter. One day, Hannah forces Violetta to pose as a model.

The fame of these snapshots grows rapidly within the Parisian artistic community of the 1970s and Violetta comes into play. Between her rise as a provocative star and her boring existence as a precocious child, her fairy tale will finally become a living hell.

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5. The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

Charlie is what is known as a wallflower: Very introverted, observant, weird and unpopular. His friend Michael has just committed suicide, his favorite aunt has also died and, in his first year of high school, all this makes him feel somewhat confused and disoriented.

And he decides that, as a good teenager, he has to explore new territories: his first love, first dates, alcohol, sex, drugs, parties, and even suicide.

All of this at the hands of his two new and inseparable friends, Patrick and Sam, two half-brothers somewhat older than Charlie whom he meets in high school, after meeting Patrick in one of his classes in a rather peculiar way. An exploration of Charlie, this movie is a worthy follow-up if you are looking for films like L’immoralita.

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More film recommendations if you enjoyed L’immoralita / Cock Crows at Eleven:

6. Ladybird (2017)
7. Lolita (1997)
8. La Seduzione (aka Seduction 1973)
9. Water Lilies (2007)
10. Saved! (2004)
11. Maurice (1987)
12. 25th Hour (2002)
13. Sixteen Candles (1984)
14. Heartstone (2014)
15. The Edge of Seventeen (2016)
16. Boy Erased (2018)
17. Bambina (1974)
18. Pretty Baby (1978)

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