14 Best Games Like Stardew Valley

Best Games like Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is not a regular farm game even though you can create yours almost from scratch and meet the growing needs of this type of facility. It is also a RPG game; it inspires itself directly from the classics of the genre in 8 and 16 bits consoles. By playing Stardew Valley you can move into the golden age of role-playing games. In fact, the Pixel Art graphic style is one of the most characteristic and attractive aspects.

Don’t be fooled by its simple look, nor by the huge pixels that abound on each of the screens: Stardew Valley is a highly complex game that reserves hours and hours of fun and entertainment. Build, explore, learn about the town, make friends, go on adventures, find treasure, and so much more!

Games like Stardew Valley are games that have an exploration and building aspect to them. Some more complex than others, they have wonderful graphics and engaging content to keep you hooked for hours and hours!

Best Games Similar to Stardew Valley:

1. Terraria

This deceivingly simple yet attractive game is is a 2D building adventure with retro graphics.

Terraria is completely devoid of history. You are simply a character who is placed in a strange and hostile world, and must get the resources necessary to survive on this planet. You start by collecting wood, rock and other materials; which will help you build your first shelter.

Once installed, you will gradually begin to improve your tools and explore the world completely. It should be noted that, although there is no plot as such, there is a series of “final encounters”. These are events where you fight powerful enemies to receive rare items and one of them triggers the hard mode for the map you are playing.

This is a game where every map is different, and every experience is different. The way it goes is all up to you. An awesome alternative if you’re after games like Stardew Valley!

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2. Starbound

Anyone who plays Starbound will immediately have lots of stories to tell their friends. That’s the greatness of this video game. It rarely fails to surprise with new and crazy adventures that are impossible not to share with others.

They are funny, also epic, exciting and at times, even typical of a horror game. How can we forget that battle against an army of penguins equipped with machine guns; or the fight against that monstrous creature that we found in the depths of the earth and whose skull is now part of our trophy room. Or what about planetary colonization, the construction of large cities, the invention of new weapons, vehicles, recipes… and even a line of clothing with which to show off to anyone.

The great virtue of the video game created by Chucklefish is that when you thought you’d seen it all, suddenly a new challenge is set before you: a new world to explore, more monsters to fight, new mysteries to solve, more options to create and build whatever you want and, in short, more of everything.

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3. My Time At Portia

My Time At Portia is a combination of open world with crafting, from the same cut of games like Stardew Valley and Terraria.

This is a project that emanates beauty, from the very first moment. The story takes us to the village of Portia where we will have to rebuild our father’s workshop and, in the process, help the inhabitants of the busy town. The mechanics of the game is simple: collect all kinds of resources, bring them to our workshop and start building everything from furniture (chairs or desks) to work machines, such as spinning or grinding machines.

Once these machines are built, we can help the people of Portia, they will share with us what they need, from resources to finished objects, and in doing so, generate experience to expand our range of items to make. You’ll likely spend a lot of time enjoying everything this game has to offer.

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4. World’s Dawn

A simple but enjoyable game, at first it seems that time passes too quickly but you adapt fast and find your daily chores.

The story behind the villa is quite nice and it is good that one is given a goal beyond the simple fact of having a good farm, although everything happens very quickly.

Once again you can build, explore and interact with others. A worthy addition to this list of games like Stardew Valley.

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5. Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is presented as the most inaccurate medieval cemetery management simulator in history. In Graveyard Keeper, the player has to build and take control of his own holy ground with all that that entails, trying to find ways to reduce costs, get into other companies and use all the resources that you find.

This is a video game with a capitalist theme, in which you have to look for maximizing profits, but also ethical dilemmas and where there will be time for the exploration of mysterious dungeons.

Everything to make your company a buoyant business! If you want games like Stardew Valley with a whole different story, then this is for you.

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More similar games if you like Stardew Valley:

6. Staxel
7. Celeste
8. Farm Together
9. Forager
10. Littlewood
11. The Escapists 2
12. Kenshi
13. Raft
14. Don’t Starve Together

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