15 Games Like Life is Strange

Games Like Life Is Strange

Life is Strange is a choice based adventure game where the main virtue is in the decision making and that’s where its playability lies in. A simple decision you make at the beginning of the game can mark the development of the rest, changing the story completely.

As it happens in games of this type, you can play again and changing some decisions will cause the story to no longer be the same: you will discover new things and you will have to act differently. An artistic masterpiece, this game is a must play for anyone who love a good choice based adventure game.

When finding similar games like Life is Strange, we looked for quality adventure games with good story, music and feel. Choices are also important, so several of these are also choice based with multiple endings. Enjoy!

Best Games Similar to Life Is Strange

1. Oxenfree

In Oxenfree, we put ourselves in the shoes of Alex, a teenager, who along with her friends and her “new” stepbrother Jonas, will visit a “recreational” island. It is precisely in this place where strange things will begin to happen, and we, through the decisions we make, will have to resolve the conflict.

The story has certain twists that, particularly at the end, will leave us with a good taste in our mouths. The fact that your decisions impact the story, the overall feel and characters make this a perfect follow-up for enthusiasts in search for games like Life is Strange.

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2. Night in the Woods

Night in the Woods’ is the story of Mae, an anthropomorphic cat who has just left college to return to her hometown. There, besides crossing paths with all the friends that she left behind and that didn’t have the same opportunities that she had, there is a very different scenario from the one she remembered.

It will be by walking around the village of Possum Springs, but above all by deciding whether to stop and listen to this or that conversation, that we will discover the background of a story that perfectly uses mystery to keep us hooked, offers much more mundane and harsher concerns and revelations.

From here on, all our decisions are ours, whether it’s looking for a plan to join in our laptop chat, deciding to what extent we want to share the details of our life with our mother or stopping to listen to the concerns of a homeless man who now lives in the forest.

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3. Quantum Break

Quantum Break is a third-person science fiction game with great moments of action that fall back on shooting and use of powers.

The story tells of the conflict between three people, a military company and the danger posed to humanity. The whole concept of the game is around an invention that in this case is a time machine. One man’s ambition is another man’s chaos.

The experiment goes wrong and as a result we have the main character Jack Joyce who, when exposed in an explosion, gets the powers to manipulate time in different ways. A must play adventure games for anyone looking for games similar to Life Is Strange.

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4. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is more than just a graphic adventure because every storyline is affected by the decisions you take, which means you’re completely responsible for the events that occur in the story.

We get into the skin of the main character Lee Everett who meets Clementine, a little girl he has to take care of during the whole course of the video game.

There are moments of tension, moments when you have to choose quickly and then wonder if you have chosen correctly, and how would the story have been different otherwise. A great alternative for the fans of Life Is Strange.

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5. Gone Home

You arrive at your home in Portland after several months of traveling through Europe. During this time your family has moved to this new home, and upon arrival you find that no one is there, and that the only thing that welcomes you is a strange note stuck on the front door, written by your sister, which tells you that she has left with no intention of returning.

Why is there no one there? Doesn’t your family want to see you after several months? What do you do? What happened? It is up to you to uncover the mystery! A great adventure with a compelling story and a satisfying ending.

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More game recommendations if you enjoyed Life Is Strange:

6. The Wolf Among Us
7. Beyong Two Souls
8. To The Moon
9. Firewatch
10. Until Dawn
11. Remember Me
12. Detroit: Become Human
13. Alan Wake
14. Telltale Games: Game of Thrones
15. Syberia

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