17 Fascinating Anime Like Death Note

Anime Like Death Note

Yagami Light is a bored student with a rather monotonous life. Despite being good at studies his everyday life does not satisfy him, and so the day he encounters a mysterious Death Note, his life changes radically. He reads the rules (note: they are specific and many) and starts to test them with criminals, to corroborate their authenticity.

The moment he realizes that it really kills other people just by writing their name in the notebook and knowing his face, he decides to murder criminals to create a better world, “The New World”, making himself the God of it. The deaths of so many people per day call the attention of the Police, who end up contacting “L”, a very well known and brilliant detective.

He agrees because he finds the case extremely interesting. As the days go by, the investigation group is reduced and, after some evidence, L decides to show his face to his colleagues (note: his face was only known by his assistant, Watari). From here it becomes a war between Light (called Kira by his followers) and L to uncover each other. Who will be faster?

Anime like Death Note have to be psychological, with good amounts of action but also intelligent characters. Our protagonists need to challenge both themselves and others in ways that move the story forward and fascinate the viewer.

Best Anime Shows Similar to Death Note:

1. Monster

The series follows in the footsteps of neurosurgeon Kenzo Tenma who disobeys the orders of the hospital director, who had ordered him to operate on an influential politician, operating instead on a child named Johan from a gunshot wound to the head, who had arrived before the politician.

The story progresses rapidly, showing the child as an adult as a dangerous psychopath and the search for Dr. Tenma through different locations to find Johan and stop him. Are all lives worth the same?

Dr. Tenma, who is a talented neurosurgeon, will faithfully follow the conviction that they are: that no life is more important than another. This will be a subject that will touch him deeply and present us with tough moral dilemmas. A truly fascinating and memorable anime like Death Note.

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2. Psycho-Pass

Psycho-Pass is a 22-chapter anime that deals with a futuristic world where you are able to measure and quantify the mental state and personality of each person – including the tendency to become a potential criminal. The ratings are gathered within the “Psycho-Pass” where they are shown through a color and a number unique to each individual.

The plot develops around a police team belonging to the DIC (Direction of Investigation of Crimes), where they are in charge of measuring the Psycho-Pass and performing the executions through a Dominator that determines if an individual is a criminal, a potential criminal or a healthy person, thus avoiding any judgment.

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3. Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

A young man named Amano Yukiteru lives in a world of today. He is a loner and often writes on his phone the things that happen around him every day. According to him, he has an imaginary friend who happens to be Deus, the god of space-time who gives him a special power, which is that he can know everything that will happen around him through his phone, The Diary of the Future.

Days later, after a death incident that Yukiteru had, he sees Deus again, but now he is not only him, but now there are 11 more people. Because Deus is in his last days, he decides to start a game which consists of the 12 participants discovering their identities and eliminating each other, so that in the end, the winner becomes the successor of Deus and with this, a god.

Similar God theme here to Death Note, making this a MUST SEE for any Death Note Fan looking for anime like Death Note.

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4. Death Parade

The story takes place in Quindecim, a bar that would become a kind of limbo where the dead go. There, through games, they are tried by a judge, Decim, who will decide if they go to the void or reincarnate. The games are simple, like cards or dice, but they have a “plus” that puts the participants to the limit, to “get the darkness out of their hearts”.

A cool and ultra original anime like Death Note that hardcore fans should really love.

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5. Blast of Tempest (Zetsuen no Tempest)

Yoshino and Mahiro are childhood friends. When Mahiro’s sister is killed, he decides to investigate the case and disappears. A month later, a woman named Evangeline Yamato confronts her friend about her whereabouts. She explains to him that epidemics had broken out in the places where Mahiro had gone.

That’s when Mahiro reappears and rescues his friend. It seems that he made a pact with a powerful sorceress to find the murderer of his family. The most remarkable thing about this anime is the design of the characters, which are well cared for and have a very remarkable style.

How the characters are dressed, the shots they take, the hair, the facial expressions, everything about the characters is very careful, and makes this anime characteristic. The contrast between the two main characters is very reminiscent of Death Note and should please fans who are looking for new anime like Death Note to enjoy.

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More anime recommendations if you liked Death Note:

6. Code Geass
7. Erased
8. The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland)
9. Shiki
10. Eden Of The East
11. Spiral: The Bonds of Reasoning
12. Ergo Proxy
13. One Outs
14. Talentless Nana (Munou na Nana)
15. Ajin
16. Moriarty the Patriot (Yuukoku no Moriarty)
17. Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)

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