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Farm Story a social farming game, Games like Farm Story

Farm Story is a social casual game that is available on iOS, Android and Amazon and comes from TeamLava Games. It is an online game, which means that it can only be played with a Wi-Fi connection. In this fun game, players can raise farm animals, grow fruits and can decorate their farms. If you really enjoy Farm Story and like casual gaming involving farms or similar story themes, the following are other titles you may also enjoy.

Best Games Similar to Farm Story:

Farm Story 2

The sequel to Farm Story is just as fun and addictive as the first game. Players can explore the 3D world that TeamLava has created to raise animals, harvest crops and even discover exciting surprises. You can even play with friends. Farm Story 2 is also an online only game.

Farm Story 2 Farming Game poster
Farm Town: Happy Day

This game from Apps Rebels lets you manage your own farm, grow crops, take care of pets, assist neighbors and gather resources and sell products to bring your farm town prosperity. There is even a casino in the town where you can play a slot machine and win coins, red rubies or building materials that can all be used within the game.

Farm Town: Happy Day Farming Game poster
Zombie Farm

Powered by Mobage, in this farm game, zombies are your friends. You can grow and harvest zombies, fight your enemies by unleashing your home grown zombies on them, decorate your farm, and experiment with different zombies and plants to create a unique team of zombies.

Zombie Farm Farming Game poster
Restaurant Story

In this online-only TeamLava game, design and build a café. Customize and select a menu to suit your restaurant and please your customers. Secret recipes can also be exchanged among friends.

Restaurant Story Game poster
City Story

Another online-only game from TeamLava, this one lets you and your friend build and create a city. The bigger and better your city the more it will grow. Your imagination is the limit.

City Story Game poster
Bakery Story

Design the most delicious bakery around in this online-only game from TeamLava. Keep customers happy and exchange recipes with friends. New content is released every week.

Bakery Story Game poster

Other games like Farm Story include:

Fashion Story
Fantasy Farm Story
Family Farm Seaside
Top Farm
Fairy Farm
Let’s Farm
Adventure Town

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