Black Athletes Matter: Serena Williams Says She’s Drug Tested More Than Others

7-time Wimbledon winner, Serena Williams, would like to know why she’s tested for illegal substances far more often than other star tennis players.   “I never knew that I was tested so much more than everyone else,” Williams recently stated. “Until I read that article I didn’t realize it was such a discrepancy with me […]

Funny But So Wrong: Skier Smashes Into Ski Lift During Epic Jump

As we pointed out in an article yesterday how it is never okay to laugh at someone else’s misfortune (until it is). That is one problem (out of about 136,000) with the internet. You get sent clips like the following under the guise they are funny, so we laugh because that is why the video […]

This Boat Jump Looks Like Something Out of a Video Game

You ever see something in real life that looks like something you would only be brave enough to do in a video game? That is how I feel about the following video of a boat that is far too big to try to jump an island, yet actually jumping said island. Seriously, this is badassery […]

Giant Skateboard Fail Looks Very Painful

Every year Red Bull hosts an event they call the Flugtag, and what is basically consists of is drunk people trying to launch huge, unnatural things they engineered and built off a ramp in hopes it will majestically float to the water. That is never the end result, though. What actually happens most of the […]

Try Not To Vomit: Watch Alex Honnold’s Rope-Free Climb Up El Capitan

There are some things we share here because they are stories that need to be told. In some cases, we just want to blow minds (such as this case.) There is a very famous freeclimber by the name of Alex Honnold who has balls the that should be attached to a machine to demolishes buildings. […]

Social Media Must-Follows for Hockey Fans [Infographic]

Being a sports fan in 2017 is very different compared to 20 years ago. Back then, you’d have either had to find a TV or go to games to see how your favorite team was doing, or else wait until after the game to discover the result. Now, it is remarkably easy to watch live […]