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Male Cheerleaders Are Coming To NFL; Fans Not Too Happy About It

The National Football League (NFL) of America is yet again under another controversial spotlight. Who would have thought, right? The last few months have certainly been hard on the franchise, last year, it even lost millions of viewers. However, that did not seem to stop them from making another bold move.

Man Descends 8,600-Meter Snow Mountain With Skis; Yes, He Made Down It Alive

Climbing a mountain is hard already, however, climbing back down is even harder, at least according to mountaineers. The descent is always the hardest part it appears. However, that reason does not seem to be enough for some people, particularly skiers of snow mountains. Those guys always have to make it harder on themselves, don’t […]

10-Year-Old Kid Named After Superman Beats Michael Phelps’ Swimming Record

Michael Phelps is probably a household name by now. The guy made history over and over again in the Olympics representing the United States. He is also the most decorated Olympian of all time with numerous gold medals to his name. However, he may have to move over as the younger generations are proving that […]