Instagram Parody Shows Us Exactly What’s Wrong With Our Society

It’s kind of funny how we all make like professional photographers on Instagram, isn’t it? Though the Chris Browns and Rihannas of the world act like they’re sooo deep and artistic on the popular photo sharing service, the truth is that many are simple egomaniacs and faux-tographers, who seem to think they’ve stumbled onto something […]

‘Powerball Winner’ Scams Facebook Users Into Sharing Photo For $1M

Call it a “social experiment” or “trolling” or whatever you like. Powerball “winner” Nolan Daniels posted the above photo to Facebook on Thursday night and got 500,000 people to share it. “Looks like I won’t be going to work EVER!” he wrote, along with the photo. “Share this photo and I will give a random […]

Redditor Re-Enacts Profile Pictures Of Facebook Users, Sends Them Friend Requests

The title explains it all, but we’ll talk about Redditor CasinoRoy just a little bit so we can say we did our jobs. As the title says, and as the pictures below reveal, this mischievous individual re-enacts profile pictures of random Facebook users, makes the re-enactment his profile picture, and then tries to add his […]

Facebook Friends Annoying? Give A Time Out With Defriendtion

Facebook friends can get annoying and a free app by the name of Defriendtion helps deal with them. How the app works is simple. After a friend gets on your nerves by starting arguments on your posts, inviting you constantly to games, etc. you simply install Defriendtion. After you single out that friend a detention […]

[Video, NSFW] The Roast of Facebook

If you like the Comedy Central roasts, you might appreciate this social network version with Lisa Lampanelli and Gilbert Gottfried playing the parts of Foursquare and Twitter, respectively.