Unflattering Beyonce Photos Get Meme Treatment

Beyonce is a beautiful woman. Of course, every once in a while she gets caught in an unflattering pose. After the Super Bowl this year a series of unflattering Beyonce photos owere published on the internet. And now, as is the natural progression for funny photos, the singer is getting the meme treatment. The photos […]

The Best And Worst Internet Memes Of 2012 [Infographic]

The year 2012 came and went (sans apocalypse), but that doesn’t mean we can’t still have some fun with it. As we head into 2013, we’re looking back at the best and worst internet memes of yesteryear, dissecting what made the greats great and the flops forgettable. Memes are intrinsically social. For many of you, […]

If Social Networks Were Different Types Of Alcohol

Social networks have a way of becoming an addiction of their very own. Studies have shown that some Facebook users will spend nearly a full day of each month on the world’s largest network. It is also true that each type of network has its own atmosphere. Now imagine if you could that each social […]

#Teoing Is The Internets Hottest New Trend Thanks To Manti Te’o

#Teoing has become the internet’s hottest trend following the strange story of Notre Dame star Manti Te’o’s fake dead girlfriend. Photos have started appearing on Instagram and Twitter in which people pretend to be putting their arms around invisible girlfriends with the hashtag $Teoing. The #Teoing hashtag follows the uber-popular #Tebowing fad in which people […]

Tina Fey Wants ‘F*cking Boring’ People To Stop Using Twitter [Video]

creator and star Tina Fey has an important message for Twitter users: “Most people are so f*cking boring that they should shut up.” The former SNL star was talking on the web-only series Ask Tina when she proclaimed her all out assault on Twitter users who have nothing important to say. In the video Tina […]

Spoiled Brats On Twitter Ungrateful About Christmas Gifts, Are Widely Shamed [Video]

Teens of today are accustomed to a certain level of generosity far outstripping what many of us semi-older people experienced in the halcyon 90s — but unlike us, their teenage tantrums are preserved for the world to see via the magic of Facebook and Twitter. Ungrateful teens on Christmas are rapidly becoming a post-Christmas tradition, […]

YuleTube Browser Extension Turns Naughty YouTube Comments Into Nice Messages

Are you sick and tired of reading nasty YouTube comments posted by video trolls? Thanks to a new internet browser extension you can now turn those YouTube comments into nice messages, just in time for the holiday season. Called YuleTube the browser extension is available for the Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers. The program works […]