Grieving Family Mistakenly Buries Someone Else’s Grandfather

Don’t you hate it when that happens? You are going to bury you grandfather and you are so blinded by grief that you bury the wrong grandpa. Doesn’t seem very likely but this actually happened to a family from the UK after the funeral home put the wrong name plates on the wrong coffins. The […]

Australian Police Shoot Batman and Joker for Having Sex in Club

And here we thought American police were trigger happy, but I guess we got nothing on the Outback’s police force. I say this because at a recent outing in a nightclub down under, man and woman dressed like Batman and the Joker were shot by police for fornicating in public. Granted, you cannot have intercourse […]

News Reporter Sees Naked Man And Can’t Stop Laughing During Report

While we like to think most news outlets online help perpetuate some of the modern day bullshit the web seems to spread on its own walls so delicately and pretend it is art, but we here at Social News Daily don’t! Bad news rarely makes a person’s  day better. That said, how about we watch […]

Reporter Needs Burn Cream After Interaction With “Firework Kid”

I really cannot tell if this is setup or not, as it is that awesome, but let me explain. A pretty average news reporter (you know, the half bald white guys you see on the news when it is not a white blonde woman?) is at a fireworks store and is talking about fireworks, safety, […]

2017 World’s Ugliest Dog Winners Look Like Mutants

First of all, can I just say having an “ugliest dog contest” in the first place is kind of mean. I know, in theory, the dogs have no idea what is going on, but still. What if you were special needs and I entered YOU in such a contest, you wouldn’t necessarily know but that […]

Zola the Gorilla Has Some SICK Dance Moves

This is one of those moments when you look at an animal and realize that somehow, it is cooler than you. Zola, a gorilla from the Dallas Zoo seems to have a rather strong affinity for the art of dance. Now granted, she is not the most graceful and I don’t think I would wanna […]

A Constipated Man Just Had 28 Pounds of Sh*t Surgically Removed

So you think your neighbor Dinkleberg is full of Sh*t? He’s got nothing on a 22 year old Chinese man who just went before surgeons to have 28 pounds of constipated feces removed from his body. To give you a better example of that size, a pug weighs LESS than that. A medium sized bowling […]