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Feminists Are Putting The Fear Of God Into Men By Running For Office

The rumors are true. Women are running for offices all over the country, and men are terrified that they’ll lose their hardly-deserved positions at the top. And to someone with lady parts, gasp! While the goons in politics will never admit it, these sudden revelations women are having that are leading them to swap professions was […]

Trump Plans To Dress In Camo And Crash The Royal Wedding

With the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just days away, it’s safe to say that Donald Trump can stop waiting by the mailbox for his invitation to arrive. However, being Trump, there’s not a chance that he’ll let something as humiliating as this slide without having a plan to get into that wedding. […]

The Best SNL Political Parodies

The writers of Saturday Night Live have always known how to take a political scandal and turn it into a hilarious skit, utilizing our country’s leaders most embarrassing moments to entertain us. From steamy affairs to disgraceful executive moves, SNL’s political parodies over the years has been savage, to say the least. While no president is […]

Trump Is Keeping His Medical Records Hidden And Now We Know Why

Trump has been caught in another lie. Shocking, I know! As many of us already assumed, it turns out that the statement released by Trump’s doctor when he was still just a presidential candidate was fake. Or, at least, incredibly influenced by the president himself. Dr. Harold Bornstein recently admitted that Trump dictated the entire letter […]