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Trump’s Not-So-Brave Moments That Will Leave You In A Fit Of Giggles

Donald Trump might think he has the potential to be some kind of hero if the moment called for it, but like most of the things that come out of the president’s mouth, this is just another one of his outrageous fantasies. The proof is in the pudding, as people sometimes say, and when it […]

Anti-Trump Home Decor Your Guests Will Love To Hate

Tired of your home’s current look? Anti-Trump home decor is the latest trend that can accent any piece of furniture you feel is in need of a “Dump Trump” modern activist vibe. Your guests will love to hate your home’s chic new style in all of its elegant glory. This hot anti-Trump decor is flying […]

Screaming Dog is the Best Dog Video You Will EVER SEE

The internet is known for its love of adorable animal videos, that is no surprise to anyone familiar with it. But you are about to see the best three seconds of your life. This screaming dog will fulfill parts of your soul you didn’t even know were empty. And yes, I just said screaming dog. […]

5 Life Rules from Kindergarten that Donald Trump Forgot

Anyone with more than a cursory knowledge of child raising will tell you that children are little sociopathic monsters, and need to be socialized to understand the rules of humanity. That’s why, when we’re all little lads and lassies in plastic chairs who need help to reach things on the countertop, we learn a lot […]

10 Dogs with a Better Haircut Than Donald Trump

Of President Trump’s many beautiful physical characteristics, his hair is among the most commented upon. Perhaps only slightly less notable than his truly human skin color, his hairdo is like a creature of its own, with whims and mercies truly alien to analysis by mere mortals. Style and grace, together at last on the scalp […]

8 Hilarious Memes That Flawlessly Depict Trump’s First Year In Office

Trump has been in office for just over a year and he still hasn’t learned to control the things that come out of his mouth. His moronic opinions and basic lack of moral perspective have inspired the country’s most racist and sexist scumbags to reveal themselves, as suddenly they think these views are okay. While […]

Losing Without Dignity: Canadian Hockey Player Pulls Off Silver Medal

Not sure how aware you are of the major ‘beef’ between Canadian hockey players and American hockey players, but it is a thing. There are whole movies dedicated to the topic, put it that way. Quite a rivalry, beyond what most understand. To put it all in perspective, watch how this Canadian hockey player reacts […]

Older Man’s Reaction to Finding His Missing Cell Phone is Priceless

Cell phones can be a real pain in the butt no matter your age. We have a tendency as modern people to keep them in our hands at all times, which also makes us prone to putting them down in very strange places and often losing it VERY EASILY, if only for a few minutes […]