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Bill Gates’ Five Favorite Books for Winter Reading

Did you know Bill Gates has a website where he talks a lot about the things that inspire, influence, and drive him? It is called gatesnotes, and it is a great site to check out now and again for some life advice and wisdom from the man himself. Recently Bill Gates dropped a list on […]

Magic Johnson gets behind the drive for HIV home testing

It is strange how the media clouds our perceptions. Thirty years ago, phrases like “AIDS epidemic” were being shouted from the rooftops. HIV and AIDS were cutting a swathe through the world, particularly, but by no means exclusively, in the gay community, and anybody could be struck down, as the likes of Rock Hudson, Freddie […]

Louis C.K Movie Premiere Canceled Due to NY Times Piece About Sexual Misconduct

There is no secret that things right now in Hollywood are coming to a boil. For a long time, it seems MANY people in power have been getting away with some awful behind-the-scenes behavior. But there is an article about Louis C.K. and similar circumstances that just showed up the NY Times, and it is […]

Stranger Things Season 2 Final Trailer Drops and WOW!

Stranger Things was one of the biggest Netflix surprises in a long time. It kind of came out of nowhere and charmed everyone with its mix of Goonies style fun, Spielberg flair, and Stephen King style scares and storytelling. And if you thought season one was good, just take a peek at this Stranger Things […]

Jason Momoa’s Disturbing Rape Comments Resurface, Twitter Responds

Warning, this is pretty disturbing stuff. If you are a fan of Jason Momoa who played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones and who plays Aquaman in the new Justice League movie, be prepared for those feelings to potentially change when you see the following video: tw: rape a horrific clip of jason momoa saying […]

This Car Ride With Conan O’Brien Shows How Awkward Tom Cruise Really Is

Some people think that, outside of a decent film career, in real life Tom Cruise seems like a strange guy. Makes sense, too if you think about it. Acting since a child, famous as a teen and just never looked back and never had a normal life so his definition of “normal” and ours are […]

Top 10 Hottest Celebrities to Follow on Instagram in 2017

Instagram is all of the buzz lately. Not only is it one of the hottest social networks in the world today, it’s also pulling a lot of attention and usage away from other platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, and even Facebook. With everyone now being attached at the hip to their mobile devices and having less […]

Are Popular Social Media Accounts more Likely to Get Targeted by Hackers?

Hacker attacks are nothing new – yet they seem to have evolved in terms of focus and impact, as recent devastating malware attacks like WannaCry and Petya have demonstrated. Everybody is a target nowadays, but the trend does not stop at large companies and tech giants. It seems that cybercriminals may also show particular fondness […]