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Watch Trans Men Audition For Scarlett Johansson Movies in This Hilarious Spoof

Last week, Scarlett Johansson caused a furore once again over her choice of movie role. Last year, the star offended fans by taking on the lead role of Major in the live-action adaption of Japanese manga the Ghost in the Shell, a role many felt was meant for an Asian actor. Now, she’s teamed up with […]

Almost Famous: Meet the People Who Share Their Names with an A-Lister

Sharing your name with a celebrity may seem cool in theory, but it turns out the reality is quite different. We imagine perks such as free drinks and designer hand outs, but it’s actually pretty inconvenient having a famous moniker without the star power to back it up.

People Are Bidding Thousands Online For This One Dorito

Snack and Jurassic Park fans alike are going crazy for this dino-sized dorito. The nacho-cheese flavoured chip has been created in partnership with Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the latest film in the franchise, and fans are bidding thousands online for the chance to sink their teeth into it.