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Stephen Hawking’s Wheelchair and PHD Thesis Are Up for Auction

The late Stephen Hawking may have been one of the greatest minds to have ever lived, but he was also one hell of a celebrity. As well as getting his own movie The Theory of Everything, Hawking made cameos in The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory, and Star Trek: The Next Generation, with few scientists […]

These Celebrities Are Refusing Super Bowl Appearances In Support Of Kaepernick

The Super Bowl always means big money for celebrities who appear in commercials, and the average person could probably retire with the amount of money halftime performers get. That isn’t stopping some of them from turning down these high-paying gigs in support of Colin Kaepernick. More than just backing up the quarterback, these celebs are […]

The Rock And A Hard Place: Dwayne Johnson Alligator Pics Spark Controversy

We all know this guy right? One of the most iconic wrestlers ever who turned his back on the ring and beelined straight for Hollywood. Who knows where he may be heading next, apparently is just a stone’s throw away from a government office… you know, ‘cuz he’s “The Rock?” Anyway, Dwayne Johnson has recently […]

6 Photos Of Celebrities Standing Up To Trump

Most celebrities have chosen to stay quiet when it comes to politics, but those who speak out often do it with fashion. When they’re being photographed every time they step out of the house, it seems to be the easiest way to make their opinions public. Not only are their clothes badass, but they’re often supporting […]