McAfee Arrest Fuels Twitter With 30 Day Trial Jokes

Twitter has been buzzing about software millionaire John McAfee after he went on the run from Belize authorities on November 10 and was then captured on Friday. Authorities claim that McAfee murdered his American neighbor, Greg Faull. John claims total innocence and due to complications shortly after the arrest he is currently in the hospital […]

Pope Will Answer Tweets From Hijacked #AskPontifex Hashtag

Pope Benedict is officially on Twitter providing a ne way for him to interact with followers. On Wednesday, December 12, the Pope will kick off his account by answering select questions from Twitter users. The Vatican wants people to send in their questions for the event using the hashtag #AskPontifex. You can send a question […]

Instagram Parody Shows Us Exactly What’s Wrong With Our Society

It’s kind of funny how we all make like professional photographers on Instagram, isn’t it? Though the Chris Browns and Rihannas of the world act like they’re sooo deep and artistic on the popular photo sharing service, the truth is that many are simple egomaniacs and faux-tographers, who seem to think they’ve stumbled onto something […]

Jimmy Fallon Turning Tweets Into Super Bowl Ad With #SteerTheScript

Jimmy Fallon has teamed up with Ford to reignite its Lincoln brand by creating a Super Bowl ad. The ad will help launch the company’s new brand called the Lincoln Motor Company. It will be Lincoln’s first-ever Super Bowl ad and it will be based entirely off tweets. To kick things off, #SteerTheScript has been […]

‘Powerball Winner’ Scams Facebook Users Into Sharing Photo For $1M

Call it a “social experiment” or “trolling” or whatever you like. Powerball “winner” Nolan Daniels posted the above photo to Facebook on Thursday night and got 500,000 people to share it. “Looks like I won’t be going to work EVER!” he wrote, along with the photo. “Share this photo and I will give a random […]

Richard Branson Is First LinkedIn User With One Million Followers

Sir Richard Branson has become the first LinkedIn user to boast one million followers as one of the social network’s “thought leaders.” Branson, an English entrepreneur and founder of Virgin Group, reached the monumental milestone on Friday morning. He has gathered twice as many followers as Barack Obama, who is in the number two spot […]