Oh No, Kim Kardashian, Please Don’t Quit Instagram

Instagram’s updated terms of service haven’t been what you might call “popular” since being announced to almost overwhelming criticism, especially by celebrities. For every MySpace Tom and Mike Stenger telling you “don’t worry, the update isn’t what you think it is, give them a chance to change the language,” there are 10-20 Kim Kardashians playing […]

How Is Pope Benedict XVI Faring On Twitter?

Not awesome. Pope Benedict XVI’s @Pontifex account went live on December 3, and as of this writing (December 20) he boasts 1,253,015 followers on a whopping total of nine tweets. Most of those tweets were posted on December 12, with the remaining two posted yesterday (December 19). I don’t mean to insult His Holiness, but […]

Jets QB Mark Sanchez Gets Death Threats And Mockery All Over Twitter

Twitter is a great way for us normal people to feel a modicum of connection with our favorite celebrities. It’s also a great way, as Jets QB Mark Sanchez learned Monday night, to threaten our stars with bodily harm up to and including death. After the Jets game against the Titans Monday night, arguably the […]

Man Behind Lottery Ticket Hoax Explains Himself, We’re Not Convinced

Nolan Daniels, the man behind the Facebook lottery ticket hoax, has given an explanation for his behavior. It was a little while ago, so we’ll recap for you: In late November, Daniels posted a photo of himself to Facebook, in which he is holding up a lottery ticket that is photoshopped to reflect the winning […]

Tweeting On The Toilet Is A Common Practice, Study Finds

The next time you read a friends Facebook wall and say to yourself “that was a crappy” post, you should probably know that you might be right. A new study published by Emergency Plumber out of the UK has found that an extraordinary number of people love to tweet on the toilet. So exactly how […]