6 Of The Most Absurd Lies Trump Has Told Recently

It’s hard to tell when President Trump is flat out lying and when he’s just talking out of his ass in a pathetic attempt to appear intelligent. Either way, most of us know better than to trust anything that comes out of his mouth. At least he provides the world with ample amounts of entertainment. […]

10 Safety Tips for Traveling Alone for Women

There’s nothing more liberating than traveling alone especially for women. According to Booking.com, 59% of women who already traveled alone would plan a solo trip again in the next 12 months. Yes, more than the majority of experienced female travelers enjoyed traveling solo that they’d want to do it again. This phenomenon is also solidified […]

Birthright Citizenship Cartoons Are The Greatest Thing On The Internet Right Now

As the world patiently waits to see how President Trump decides to move forward with eliminating birthright citizenship in the United States, they’ve found a number of ways to amuse themselves on the topic. This includes creating hilarious memes, SNL skits, and cartoons for the Sunday papers. If you haven’t heard, birthright citizenship cartoons are […]

Neck Or Nothing: Arrested Fugitive Goes Viral For His Inhumanly Large…

Every once in a while, the internet would go abuzz with mugshots of arrested criminals because why not? Some of them can be downright bizarre to the point of being entertaining. Others are actually quite interesting. Hence, we have yet another mugshot from a captured fugitive which is making the internet up to its neck […]

6 Facts About The United States’ First Openly Gay Governor

Jared Polis, Colorado’s Governor-elect, has become the first openly gay Governor in the United States. The Democratic candidate defeated Republican Treasurer Walker Stapleton with more than 51 percent of the vote. As a record-breaking election for both women as well as the LGBT community, it’s safe to say that the left is coming after these right-wing fanatics […]