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Americans Were Challenged to Find Any Country on a Map and They Failed Epically

Well, this is a bleak reflection on the US school system. This week talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked his fellow Americans to name any country they could on a map of the world, and let’s just say it didn’t go well, with some participants unable to plot even one nation correctly (including their own).

6 Things You Never Knew About The American Flag

The American flag is one of the most recognized flags, yet even U.S. citizens don’t know everything about this patriotic symbol. We hang them outside our doors, wear them on our shirts, and have them inked on our skin, but did our founding fathers have that in mind when the flag was first designed? Probably […]

12 Photos Of Adorable Old Ladies Holding The Most Vulgar Protest Signs

Little old ladies are just adorable. And when they’re brutally honest or vulgar even, they’re just hysterical. With these anti-Trump protests occurring all over the world, we’ve all been given the opportunity to express our feelings via posterboard. As it turns out, people are far funnier than you would think! Even these awesome old ladies know how […]

While You’re Sitting On Your Ass These Women Are Changing The World

Women are out to change the world, and they’re succeeding. While you’re sitting on your ass at home scrolling through your phone, these ladies are determined to make a difference. Everything from women’s rights to gun control is being faced by a woman, and us ladies have a way of making people listen. Here’s a list […]