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Massive Cougar Wants To Eat Person Hunting It (and Almost Does)

I am not gonna lie to you. Unless you are hunting something with the intent of utilizing ALL of the creature (I.e. fur and skin for pelts, meat for sustenance) I think you are just a sociopath who wants to be able to kill something and not get in trouble for it. For that reason […]

Cool Video Shows GoPro on Model Train for First-Person View

I don’t know why, but I am a sucker for videos where people attach GoPro cameras to things we normally wouldn’t see fom that viewpoint. Not too long ago we shared the video of the GoPro attached to the sushi conveyor belt and as lame as it sounds, it was very cool to see the […]

Trump’s Not-So-Brave Moments That Will Leave You In A Fit Of Giggles

Donald Trump might think he has the potential to be some kind of hero if the moment called for it, but like most of the things that come out of the president’s mouth, this is just another one of his outrageous fantasies. The proof is in the pudding, as people sometimes say, and when it […]

US Will Have President For Life As Trump Suggests, But It Will Be Jonathan Taylor Thomas

After Chinese President Xi Jinping announced his intention to remain President For Life, Donald Trump got a brilliant idea. Behind closed doors, he made a comment to a roomful of donors. “I think it’s great,” said Trump, regarding’s Xi transition into dictatorship. “Maybe we’ll want to give that a shot someday.” Reportedly, the room laughed. […]

Trump’s Worst Fails Of 2018 So Far

We’ve all read reports indicating that Trump’s first year in office was far from successful, but his second year hasn’t exactly been going well either. If you are one of the few Americans still hanging on to hope that he’ll figure out how to do his job sooner rather than later, these fails will likely burst […]

Man Busts Woman in Prague Pretending To Be Deaf and Mute for Money

Buskers and beggars are an interesting lot. In some cases, they have truly been dealt all the wrong hands and genuinely need help. But some people manipulate the emotions of other people by busking and pretending to be hurt or poor when in fact, they are just pieces of feces. Take for example the woman […]

Interview With Sophia, The Robot That Will Kill Us All

When you see this video of Sophia, the new A.I robot making the rounds that is about the closest we have come to an actual android or replicant, it WILL freak you out. She is an example of amazing technology and everything we feared at once, meshing into one thing. Here we see Stylist magazine […]