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Stranger Things Season 2 Final Trailer Drops and WOW!

Stranger Things was one of the biggest Netflix surprises in a long time. It kind of came out of nowhere and charmed everyone with its mix of Goonies style fun, Spielberg flair, and Stephen King style scares and storytelling. And if you thought season one was good, just take a peek at this Stranger Things […]

Jason Momoa’s Disturbing Rape Comments Resurface, Twitter Responds

Warning, this is pretty disturbing stuff. If you are a fan of Jason Momoa who played Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones and who plays Aquaman in the new Justice League movie, be prepared for those feelings to potentially change when you see the following video: tw: rape a horrific clip of jason momoa saying […]

This Car Ride With Conan O’Brien Shows How Awkward Tom Cruise Really Is

Some people think that, outside of a decent film career, in real life Tom Cruise seems like a strange guy. Makes sense, too if you think about it. Acting since a child, famous as a teen and just never looked back and never had a normal life so his definition of “normal” and ours are […]

Yes, the World Is Ending, But Hey, What Can You Do?

Hey, some news site has to have the balls to say what none other will. We have half the country underwater, and half the country on fire. We have a buffoon who rubs Cheetos on his face running our country, and yes, we are in talks on a nuclear war. If the war won’t be […]

Strippers Hold Topless Car Wash to Raise Money for Police

I really feel like that headline told you everything you need to know about this absurd (but good hearted) story, but I will delve deeper for the more curious of you. A Marysville strip club called City Limits Showgirls held a fundraiser where they washed cars while topless on that raised over two thousand dollars […]

Pumpkin Spice Season is Upon Us, and Here’s Proof

Guess what season it is? It’s the season when even your shoes come Pumpkin Spice scented. It’s the season when your toilet paper suddenly makes you bum smell like pumpkin spice. Tis the season where pumpkin spice flavoring is dropped into EVERYTHING to appease all the ugg-wearing “Jessica’s” of the world. But let me tell […]

Millennial Pink Chocolate Is A Thing That Actually Exists

There are many classes of flavor to choose from when picking a chocolate. Some people like the smooth, creaminess of white chocolate, while others prefer the bittersweet bite of dark. Well, sorry to suddenly confuse you, but there is a new chocolate now. Pink chocolate (or Ruby chocolate). And no, the name isn’t just based […]