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Concerned Person Calls 9-1-1 on Statue They Think is Real Person

This is a heart-warming AND funny story, so really, anyone investing their time in reading this wins. A person saw someone on a park bench in really cold weather, covered in snow, and they thought it might be a person frozen to death so they called 9-1-1. On a statue. Yes, as wonderful as it […]

Christmas Carols Sung in Minor Keys Are Scary as Hell

Christmas is coming (whether you are one of those people who love it or one of those people who hate it, kinda like me) and with that, comes Christmas carols. The same steady flow of seasonal songs, year after year, to get us all jolly and in the seasonal spirit. But what most people don’t […]

Bill Gates’ Five Favorite Books for Winter Reading

Did you know Bill Gates has a website where he talks a lot about the things that inspire, influence, and drive him? It is called gatesnotes, and it is a great site to check out now and again for some life advice and wisdom from the man himself. Recently Bill Gates dropped a list on […]

Never Fall Asleep During a Classical Music Concert…

Whatever you do, DO NOT FALL ASLEEP during a classical music concert, as one woman learned the hard way after mistakenly slipping into unconsciousness during a performance of Firebird, as composed by Stravinsky and performed by The North State Symphony recently. The best part is, the composition itself lulls the listener into a sense of […]

Magic Johnson gets behind the drive for HIV home testing

It is strange how the media clouds our perceptions. Thirty years ago, phrases like “AIDS epidemic” were being shouted from the rooftops. HIV and AIDS were cutting a swathe through the world, particularly, but by no means exclusively, in the gay community, and anybody could be struck down, as the likes of Rock Hudson, Freddie […]

Indiana Jones Major Toht Candle: You Can Finally Melt Your Own Nazi

The moment when Gestapo Nazi agent, Major Toht has his face melted off in the original Indiana Jones was such an iconic scene, it is one of the reasons we have PG-13 movies now. And come on, with all the hate-mongering in the world right now, WHO DOESN’T wanna melt their very own Nazi? Well, […]