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4 Times FEMA Screwed Up Since Trump Was Elected

Oh, FEMA. When will you ever get things right? Hurricane season has been around since, well, since humans came into existence and yet FEMA still can manage to get the hang of things. Granted the organization wasn’t created until the late ’70s, but still. They should have worked out all of the bugs in their operation […]

Top 7 Fiction Books Inspired By Trump’s Presidency

Donald Trump’s presidency might feel like we’re experiencing life inside the pages of some kind of dystopian novel, but the harsh reality of it all is that this is history in the making. Fortunately, his presidency hasn’t been without progress as activists take the front lines and continue to wage war against the Trumpkins. The […]

How To Be A Misogynist: An Informal Course Taught By Trump Supporters

Misogyny tends to start developing in boys at a young age, but it can certainly be learned at a later time as well. Any Trump supporter could tell you that the hatred of women is a practiced art form, one that should be exercised each and every day. It takes time, effort, and dedicated commitment […]

12 Dogs Who Hilariously Resemble Politicians

It’s safe to say that while most politicians are dogs, not all of them can pull off the pout of a pug or the glare of a beagle. Even with Donald Trump’s hair and Vladimir Putin’s dead stare, these pups are just too adorable not to fall in love with. From Mussolini to Melania, these […]

Hilarious Anti-Trump T-Shirts To Buy Before The Midterm Elections

With the midterm elections coming up, there’s no better time to troll Trump and work on your anti-Trump wardrobe. Whether in preparation for the numerous marches you plan on attending or in general protest of the Bully in Chief, now is the best time to stock up on t-shirts. Here are the most hilarious anti-Trump […]