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Welcome Waccal! A new community connecting investors and startups

Startups can be hard to, well, start up. Sum up all the time you spend perfecting your business idea, with the time taken to perfect your pitch and plans, and add to that all the time spent searching for and pitching to potential investors, and it all equals out to be- exhausting.

The Internet Helped Me Get An A: A Student’s Review Of Studypool

Social media has became a vital part of our everyday life. Every moment of our lives seems to chronicled on social media and educators are taking notice. The possibility of a higher level of student involvement combined with the convenience of constant communication has made ed tech an extremely useful tool for educators.

Letting Small Businesses In On The New World of Video

People love watching videos. In fact, watching videos has recently become the most popular online activity. From drunk people to furry animals, we seem to just really enjoy seeing and hearing moving things. People are now spending more time watching digital videos than they do on social media. According to eMarketer, as of 2015, users […]

StreamSpread Ushers in a New Wave of Web Advertising

Have a quirky live stream video to share with the world? Then you’ll understand the struggle that comes with the daunting process of finding suitable websites to place your video. Well, it’s time to bid an adieu to the days of manual livestream uploads. StreamSpread is here to serve as the bridge between livestream channels […]

Stephen Hawking And Mark Zuckerberg Team Up To Find Alien Life

Stephen Hawking Has A Crazy Plan To Find Life On Other Planets, And It Just Might Work Theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has a plan to find alien life and habitable planets in our neighboring star system, Alpha Centauri. To do it, he’s enlisted the help of billionaire investor Yuri Milner and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to […]

5 Ways Startups Can Benefit From Livesteaming

If you’re someone who dreams of cultivating a special passion project of yours and making it count, strap in. You’ll definitely want to read this. Are you someone who is right now nurturing a passion of your own? Your first book launch? How about an art exhibit of your finest works? Does thinking of opening […]

You Can Now Buy Canned Canadian Air, Because Why Not?

A couple of Canadian pranksters may have inadvertently become successful entrepreneurs. When Troy Paquette and his partner started “bottling” fresh air and selling it on eBay, they were doing it mostly as a goof. While chatting with some friends who live in heavily polluted areas, Paquette joked about packing up some fresh Canadian air and […]

“Peeple” App Lets You Rate People — Without Them Knowing

As if there still weren’t enough ways to compromise your consent, the Internet serves up this brand new thing called Peeple. Imagine an app that let’s you rate any human you’ve ever encountered in your life — your coworkers, friends, family members, exes, that dude you see often in the bus or subway — all […]