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Must-Have Gifts For The Social Media Lover In Your Life

Christmas is only about 30 days away and if you haven’t begun your gift shopping yet, now is the time. You want to make sure to get the perfect gift for everyone on your list. There’s the girly guy, the sports lover, the foodie.. the list goes on. But, of course, we are all about […]

‘Weed Wine” Is Now A Thing You Can Buy, With a Catch

Are you looking for the perfect bottle of wine to give to that special weed user in your life? Look no further, because we’ve got what could be the perfect gift to bring to Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and whatever holiday you can imagine. #Cannawine de @NaturFlow para celebrar que estamos vivos #vino #wine with #cañamo […]

These Yarn Names Please Your Inner Emo Teen

When you’re wearing something made from the Army of The Dead, you know it’s going to be pretty badass. Luckily, there’s yarn for that. The fine folks who run the Etsy store Dye for Yarn have named their hues monickers that range from the satisfyingly dark to the off-kilter brooding to even mildly unsettling. Love […]

The Business Of Mother’s Day [Infographic]

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and that means many will be buying up flowers, chocolates, jewelry and more for the special mother or women in their life. While Mother’s Day is meant to honor the women who gave us life, it is just like any other commercial holiday. It means big money for […]

“Dead or Alive” Oppai Mousepads May Be Bustiest Ones Yet [NSFW]

Some of you readers out there may be fans “Dead or Alive”, the gaming franchise that brings boob physics and high-definition sports and martial arts to more, ehem, nosebleed-inducing heights. Some of you may play it for the heat of the competition, the one-on-one heart-stopping action, or even just for the quick gratification of enjoying […]

Restaurant Creates Bernie Sanders-inspired Burger, Hillary Clinton-inspired Bologna Sandwich

Talk about getting a mouth full of politics. The Belmar Pub & Grill in Binghamton, New York has a delicious premium burger offering for Bernie Sanders supporters, and a less-than-delicious bologna sandwich for Hillary Clinton supporters. As Matt Terzi of Reverb Press reports, the Bernie burger, officially called the “Belmar Bernie Burger” features: “a big eight-ounce beef patty, […]

Carrot Cake Kisses Are Now a Thing

Move over, Toblorange. Hershey’s Kisses has just rolled out a brand-new choco-mashup that’s got chocolate lovers paying attention. Easter is a pretty epic season in the candy industry, and the biggest sweet companies do take this happy holiday very, very seriously. There’s marshmallow Peeps, and the Cadbury Creme Eggs, not to mention the moulded chocolate […]

Spice Lovers, Rejoice! Sriracha Now Comes In Packets

If you’re all about the hot n’ spicy lifestyle, Tabasco just won’t do, and Sriracha is an absolute Must in your diet, leave the bottle at home. This condiment is now rolling out packets you can stow in your pocket. Spice addicts the world may now break out into song as the heavens open up and […]