For $450, This Company Will Quit Your Job For You

Overworked, stressed out, or just over it: Workers in Japan who desire to leave their jobs — but do not want to face the anxiety of quitting in person — are paying a company called Exit to notify their bosses that they won’t be back.

New Meat Vending Machines: Steak, Sausage, & Pork Available 24/7

Say you are craving a juicy Ribeye in the middle of the night, and the local grocery store or butcher is closed — what do you do? Well soon enough, you may be able to hit up a meat vending machine nearby, thanks to the outside-of-the-box minded gentleman behind the Applestone Meat Company.

Key Elements of a Social Media and Mobile-Friendly Website in 2018

With mobile now the dominant form of personal computing, if you don’t nail the key elements of a mobile-friendly website, you’re going to cripple your business in a huge way. If nothing else, you should ensure your site conforms to the tenets of responsive design. While this sounds highly technical, all it really means is […]