Luxury Comes To Foursquare: Ritz-Carlton Checks In

Last week we announced that American Express, the premiere credit card for business and high-end users had checked into Foursquare and this week the company has announced a new luxury partner in the Ritz-Carlton brand. The company, which was quick to grab up @RitzCarlton on Twitter and engage users on Facebook before their competitors has […]

Geohot Joins Facebook Team After Hacking PS3 And Going “Off Grid”

Geohot, the Playstation hacking white rapper with a penchant for making a wonderful fool of himself has joined the ranks of the Facebook workforce. Geohot is famous for his jailbreaking tools taht include: purplera1n, blackra1n and limera1n. After hacking the Playstation and then calling out the company for his work Geohot went “off grid” for […]

Winklevoss Twins: Just Kidding, We’re Still Suing Facebook

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss aren’t going away after all. We reported on Thursday that the twins were dropping their second lawsuit against Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook but apparently they were just changing tactics. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals recently told the wins that their “litigation must come to an end” and they were ready […]

Foursquare, AmEx Team Up to Offer User Discounts

Foursquare began, and succeeded, by basically offering digital merit badges to users for multiple check-ins at local places and offering a nice little competitive game with little other benefit than bragging rights. Still, it caught on pretty hard. The site has exceeded 10 million users, and eventually expanded to offer discounts and incentives for frequent […]

Klout Partners With Involver To Reward Brand Followers

Klout, a service that uses ranking algorithms and semantic analysis to determine each users “influence” on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn has announced a new partnership with social marketing firm Involver. Under the partnership Involver will offer brands a widget that can be placed on their Facebook pages which encourages users to engage with that brand. […]

The Worth of a Facebook Fan

Just how much is a Facebook fan worth? Most companies know that social networking sites like Facebook are important to building their brand, but the ROI of Facebook advertising has never been exactly clear. But new research from UK internet data analysis company, Hitwise, has determined just how much a Facebook fan is worth. According […]

[Infographic] Should You Invest in Groupon?

Groupon famously turned down several garbage trucks full of money from Google a few months back, and VentureBeat has broken down some interesting data points about their recent IPO in an infographic. (“Grouponzi” scheme. Heh.) In their very thorough breakdown, VB notes: But the Chicago-headquartered company is still running at a loss despite the astonishing […]

[Infographic] The Best Times to Interact on Social Media

What time is best for optimal interaction on different social media services is hotly debated, but this infographic from Kissmetrics illustrates “social timing” and can help determine when best to publish content for maximum impact. The blog also breaks down some of the finer points of the data: 5PM Eastern Time is the best time […]