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Highly Overlooked Social Media Websites

When it comes to social media businesses from all around the world understood the power behind Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The problem is that they also overlooked many other social media sites that can be incredibly good. Growing online footprints automatically means a lot of time and money is invested. Dealing with the competition […]

Social Media’s Influence in Commodity Trading – Good or Bad

Social media has penetrated the world of commerce and its consequent dominance has forever changed the business landscape. The speed at which information is disseminated through Twitter, Facebook, et al. surpasses that of traditional media and, aside from the factual reporting, they allow for expression of opinions, perspectives, and commentary on relevant events as they […]

U.S Economy Is Called “An Accident Waiting To Happen” By Yale Economist

Seems the U.S economy may be in some dire straits and we may not even know about it. Stephen Roach is an economist for Yale (one of the most prestigious colleges in the country as long as you don’t ask anyone from Harvard) and he has recently made some startling points about the U.S economy […]

Why Blogging is an Indefeasible Part Of A Successful Business

If we go by the definition a blog “A website on which an individual or group of users record opinion, information etc. on a regular basis” What is the value in blogging for a business? The opinion and information about a business should be hosted on a website. That’s why if you’re an entrepreneur you […]

Different Ecommerce Landing Pages and Their Functions

Your landing page is the first thing users see when they visit your online store, whether they clicked a social media link, paid advertisement or organic search results on Google to get there. Knowing the first 10 seconds on a webpage tend to determine whether a user stays or bounces, the importance of optimizing the […]

5 Social Networking Sites and Apps Started by College Students

Have a startup idea for a networking app or site but feel like you need to wait until graduation to develop it? These students didn’t! While their peers were getting bored at classes, struggling to write an essay, or having fun at parties, these creative minds were changing the way we communicate. Take a look […]

3 Ways to Improve Morale and Social Engagement in the Workplace

Let’s face it, if you don’t run your own business or have a passion for what you do, it’s likely that you aren’t very excited about heading into work every day. Not only is it about spending time away from your friends, family, or other things that you would rather be doing — employee productivity […]

Top 5 Cyber Risks for Users and Business Owners on the Internet Today

Cyber threats and online attacks against individuals, businesses, and brands of all sizes continue to happen on a daily basis. While the business of ‘cyber protection’ is booming, it’s also one that doesn’t get to rest. With new attacks happening all the time, and more companies losing access to billions of individual data records, this […]