COVID vaccine will make you more desirable on dating apps

covid vaccine

Keywords like “fully vaccinated” and “covid vaccinated” have begun monopolizing bios as Tinder reported a substantial rise in users specifying the word “vaccine.”

Bios on dating apps have had a love-hate friendship with the epidemic. From puns about Purell gels and face masks to modest toilet paper boasts, it appears as if dating profile bios have reached their latest rest-stop: coronavirus vaccination. Between November 2020 and January 2021, OkCupid, a courtship app that aligns members premised on multiple-choice inquiries, notes a 136 percent spike in mentions of “covid vaccine.” A Bumble spokesperson explained: “Two out of three people are already having the ‘COVID conversation’ before they meet.”

“Before meeting up, 63 percent of people had a conversation with their dates about the venue, mask-wearing and physical contact, with 80 percent of people saying that this helped get to know their date better and feel safer,” added the spokesperson. The newest vogue of vaccination biographies seemingly adds to a subscriber’s ‘zing factor.’ OkCupid consists of queries about vaccinations that enjoyers can select to answer in order to fit with potential mates. The inquiry “will you get the COVID-19 vaccine?” has received over 70 percent positive reactions from 45,000 correspondents.

Michael Kaye, an OkCupid spokesman said: “Not only is the vaccine becoming the biggest talking point on dating apps, but it’s also actually becoming a huge deal-breaker.” Deeper data amassed by the app indicates that 40 percent of gen Z users and millennials would cancel a date with a person who rejects taking the covid vaccine with the estimate 19 percent higher for females when compared to males.


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